Feel your best, inside and out! Motherly’s family fitness guide has fun, body-positive exercise ideas to get the whole family moving.

Labor & Delivery

Yoga poses for labor

5 poses you might want to strike when baby’s bearing down.


The ‘cozy sculpt’ fitness trend is IDEAL for moms

Celebrity trainer and founder of The Sculpt Society, Megan Roup, shares how to make it part of your own routine.

Second Trimester

8 exercises to relieve hip pain during pregnancy

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Can a cold-water plunge improve your health?

Some people swear by the icy immersions you’re seeing all over Instagram. We dig into the science behind the suddenly-everywhere trend.


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Trainers explain the top fitness trend of 2024—and how it's helpful for moms.


The 5 postpartum fitness apps we tell our best friends about

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Going for a short run comes with big health benefits, studies show

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This viral baby dance class to Doja Cat is mesmerizing

The babies seem to think so too!

Viral & Trending

Runner’s TikTok went viral as she documented a stranger following her in real-time

The video, which has now been viewed more than 2.4 million times, is a testament to the fear women feel every single day.


This app will pay you to take a walk

Actual cash or store rewards for every step you take? Sign us up.


‘Cozy cardio’ is the fitness trend we’ve been waiting for

And it’s totally perfect for chilly fall days.


7 things to do before your next run

Running helps moms of all ages and stages reduce the risk of anxiety, depression, dementia and insomnia.