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Dad’s viral TikTok hilariously nails every parent’s anxiety when little kids sleep in

Raise your hand if you've felt this way, too.

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Does my child have sleep apnea?

Kids can be affected by this condition, too—here’s what to know.

Children's Health

7 nutrient-dense bedtime snacks for your kids’ evening routine, according to a dietitian

Taking the guesswork out of that inevitable question.


25 positive phrases to say to your kids at bedtime

“You have such a kind heart.”

Child Sleep

Eye-opening viral video shows difference between effective and ineffective ways to handle bedtime

Dealing with difficult bedtimes on the regular? Get ready to take notes.

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Jenna Bush Hager says her four-year-old son still sleeps in his crib

"It's normal to have a 4-year-old, your last child, nicely in his crib where he feels safe, right?" she asked

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Red before bed: The sleep hack you need to know, according to a mom neuroscientist

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To the mom whose child doesn’t sleep—there’s an upside to the downsides

It’s helped me see the glass (and formula bottle) half-full.

Child Sleep

Why kids delay bedtime with “One more thing…” and what you can do

Bedtime struggles don't have to derail your night or mood.

Child Sleep

Does screen time before bed affect your child’s sleep? Here’s what the research shows

Screen time may seem like a good way to wind down, but it can impact sleep quality and quantity.