Third Trimester

Counting down the weeks! From exercise to sleep, here’s what to expect from the third trimester—and how to deal.


5 reasons why you can’t sleep in the third trimester

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Labor & Delivery

Am I in labor? 5 early signs of labor to know about

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Women's Health

Tested positive for Group B Strep? Here’s what it means for your birth plan

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7 ways to love your body while you’re pregnant

#5—Throw away the scales. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important overall. Eat well and obsess less.

Second Trimester

8 exercises to relieve hip pain during pregnancy

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Women's Health

Do you really need cervical checks in late pregnancy?

In some cases, those uncomfortable cervical checks may be optional. An OB-GYN shares what you need to know.

Baby Feeding Guides & Schedules

7 tips to prepare you and your baby for breastfeeding success

4. Find your community

Health & Wellness

When is the best time to get the Covid vaccine or booster during pregnancy?

New research sheds light on when optimal antibody transfer occurs via the placenta.


Pregnancy kills my libido, so here’s how my partner and I get creative

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It’s the third trimester! Here’s what to do & learn

The third trimester. The home stretch. The final countdown. Can you believe…

Health & Wellness

Gestational diabetes may not be linked to pregnancy weight gain, study says

Gaining weight during pregnancy can be normal and healthy, and knowing this might lower your anxiety, mama.

It's Science

Is your baby kicking a lot? Research explains the reason fetuses move so much

Those fetal kicks are strong enough to kick a soccer ball, mama.