Infertility is a challenge, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Our experts and editors are here with support and compassionate advice.

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Former ‘Bachelor’ star says it’s okay to ‘hate pregnancy’—even if you’ve struggled with infertility

“It's okay if it’s really hard,” she wrote, “and you don’t have to pretend that it’s all perfect all the time.”

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Bookmark these virtual support groups on your TTC journey

PSA: You don’t even have to contribute to feel supported.


A woman who had 18 miscarriages is raising her miracle baby

At 48, Louise Warneford finally gave birth to her rainbow baby.


Why we need National Infertility Awareness Week more than ever

Recent legislative decisions have demonstrated just how critical it is that we continue to raise awareness of the nuanced and complex world of infertility.

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Struggling to conceive after having your first baby? There’s a name for that, and it’s more common than you think

Secondary infertility accounts for 30% of all infertility cases—yet many don’t even know what it is, even when they’re going through it themselves.


This is the worst part of unexplained secondary infertility

It’s the irrational anger at the baby section in Target. It’s the hundreds of times each day I wonder what it is that’s keeping me from getting pregnant.


When everyone but you is getting pregnant

Be gentle with yourself.

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These are the actual chances of getting pregnant each month

Plus expert tips on how to boost your chances.


Words of encouragement when IVF doesn’t work—from someone who is there, too

Sometimes things don’t make sense and today we are just trying to figure out how to deal with that.

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Dealing with infertility is hard on a marriage—but here’s what we learned

Emotions during these times can jump from grief to anger to doubt to hope, and they can jump quickly. Being partners means supporting each other. But being supportive can mean different things to different people.


Male fertility is declining. Here’s what the latest research shows as to why

Though 50% of all infertility cases can be attributed to the male partner, new technologies offer solutions—and hope.