Birth Stories

At home, in hospitals, and even on an airplane: these real-life birth stories will inspire and amaze you.

Birth Stories

My birth story highlighted a critical reality: Black women need strong advocates

The constant advocating throughout my birth experience was exhausting.


This mom just gave birth in 45 minutes and this common supplement may be why

How does melatonin affect labor? Researchers are finding out.

Birth Stories

13 incredibly powerful & poignant C-section photos

These viral photos and videos tell the stories of birth and strength.

Birth Stories

My birth story: I was induced at 39 weeks

I am a proud mom of five, two of whom I have given birth to.

Birth Stories

This mom gave birth while asleep (yes, really)

Here's what happened.

Celebrity News

Pink stops concert to wish woman in labor good luck

"You're gonna do great!"

Motherly Stories

The power of the birth story: A tale of reclaiming mine

There is healing from even the heaviest wounds.

Birth Stories

I didn’t bond with my baby right away—and that’s OK

I used to believe in love at first sight—until I gave birth.


CNN anchor gives birth on her bathroom floor after ’13 minutes of labor’

The baby girl "introduced herself" to the world.

Birth Stories

Let’s stop glamorizing the positive birth story

Often, there is beauty in the mess.

Birth Stories

I’m a preemie mom—5 things I wish I knew before my shocking delivery

My delivery taught me the first and potentially most crucial lesson of parenting: expect the unexpected.