Labor & Delivery

What’s it like to give birth? Learn more about the stages and get tips from real mamas who’ve been there.

Women's Health

Here’s how a pelvic floor PT preps for labor & childbirth

Looking for birth prep advice? Your internet searches stop here.


Epidurals during labor significantly decrease birth complications, according to new study

Epidurals can provide more than comfort and pain management when it comes to labor and delivery.

Labor & Delivery

Am I in labor? 5 early signs of labor to know about

While it looks different for everyone, there are a few early signs of labor to look out for.

Women's Health

Getting an epidural? Here are 10 side effects to be aware of

While very safe, epidurals still carry some risk. Here's what you need to know about choosing an epidural for your delivery.

Labor & Delivery

How to overcome—and heal—from a traumatic birth

If you have had a troubling, difficult or traumatic birth, there are some positive steps you can take.

Labor & Delivery

Yoga poses for labor

5 poses you might want to strike when baby’s bearing down.

Labor & Delivery

I captured the emotions of men while watching women give birth—and it was powerful

For every soul we create, there is a soul that we felt a connection with first.

Labor & Delivery

How to use a birthing ball during labor

3. Leaning against the ball, on all fours

Labor & Delivery

Early labor: How to know when it starts—and what to do when it does

Wondering what to do in early labor? Spoiler alert: Rest, eat and move, mama!


Some hospitals aren’t letting women push during birth when they need to—and that’s not OK

"I've never felt a more painful experience in my life [than] being strapped down and forced to hold a baby in," says Elaina Loveland.

It's Science

5 evidence-backed ways to prevent perineal tears during birth

Recent research has changed the way we think about perineal tears and episiotomies.

Labor & Delivery

7 things to think about when you go past your due date

We are here to tell you that it really will be ok! Here are some thing to keep in mind during these final days of your pregnancy.