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rihanna Motherly

Celebrity News

Rihanna shares the thing that surprised her about postpartum hair loss

She joked that this one aspect of postpartum hair loss “was not on the pamphlet.”

kate middleton Motherly

Celebrity News

Kate Middleton shares personal cancer update: ‘I am not out of the woods yet’

"William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family."

sandy hook Motherly

Celebrity News

The Sandy Hook survivors are graduating—and they’re advocating for gun control

"I think we can't forget … that there is a whole chunk of our class missing."

olivia wilde daughter note Motherly

Celebrity News

Olivia Wilde’s 7-year-old daughter has the best attitude about crushing on boys

“That’s my girl,” the proud mom wrote.

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weaponized incompetence Motherly

Viral & Trending

Let’s talk about weaponized incompetence and why it’s all over TikTok

Many cisgender, heterosexual marriages are familiar with weaponized incompetence, per TikTok.

books with strong female characters Motherly

What To Read

17 empowering books with strong female characters

Women do run the world after all.

teen on smartphone Motherly


What age should a kid get a phone? It may be later than you think

The debate over when to give kids smartphones is on.

paris hilton and mom at event parist hilton baby Motherly

Celebrity News

Paris Hilton didn’t tell her mom she had a baby for a whole week

"When I introduced my mom to our baby boy, it was amazing to see the look on her face."

inside out 2 Motherly

Viral & Trending

‘Inside Out 2’ has parents wondering if they need to worry about teen ennui

Is ennui a normal part of being a teenager—or something for parents to worry about?

mom and teens on phone Motherly


Study shows parents need to ‘practice what they preach’ when it comes to kids’ screen time

“It’s especially important that parents follow their own rules and practice what they preach,” the study’s lead author says.

woman holding baby on phone Motherly

Viral & Trending

Does this mom’s sister have the right to lay claim to certain baby names?

"My response was simply that if Jade wants to own the rights to names then she better get rich fast and buy those names"