Child Nutrition

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Child Nutrition

6 Trader Joe’s lunch box heroes I always have on hand

These pantry staples make packing my kids’ lunches *way* easier.


Kids may soon be able to get plant-based milk options at school

According to the USDA’s findings, 29 percent of the cartons of milk served in our schools are thrown in the garbage unopened.

Child Nutrition

Should we really be worried about picky eaters?

Parents and kids already have enough on their plates, literally.

Toddler Nutrition

Got a picky eater? Bookmark these 11 articles now

Your guide to child nutrition starts here.

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Every child deserves a free school lunch—full stop

The fact that this subject is such a debated hot topic is a stain on humanity.

Children's Health

Got a picky eater? Here are the best vitamins for kids to make sure they get enough nutrients

Not all kids need vitamins, but these picks top the list.

Child Nutrition

7 ways to help your kids form a healthy relationship with food

As an eating disorders therapist and mom, I'm teaching my son there are no "bad" foods.


A new study shows vegetarian diets are healthy for most kids

Results from a study of nearly 9,000 kids shows that kids who follow vegetarian diets have similar growth to those who eat meat, but proper planning is important.

Toddler Nutrition

The scientific reason why your toddler only loves mac and cheese

(…or hotdogs or yogurt or chicken nuggets.)

Children's Health

One way to prevent kids from getting sick? Try cow colostrum

Studies show cow colostrum can significantly reduce the number of upper respiratory tract infections in kids.