Parental Leave

Navigating parental leave policies can feel like an unsolveable puzzle, but the benefits are real. Motherly is here for you with advice and essays from real mamas.

Parental Leave

Should I stay home or go back to work post-maternity leave?

As a new mom, your values and priorities will shift.

Work & Motherhood

This study proves that paid parental leave benefits moms’ health—for decades

It's much longer than just the few short weeks after birth.

Viral & Trending

The Kyte Baby controversy highlights the drastic need for paid leave for NICU parents

Companies must take a stand to support their employees during the most trying time.

Celebrity News

How new mom Naomi Osaka is serving up change

The four-time Grand Slam champ is teaming up with Bobbie to fight for paid parental leave: “Being a mom inherently makes you an activist.”

Parental Leave

California’s new law allows mothers to take 5 days off for ‘reproductive loss’

California is only the 2nd state in the US to provide protected time off for this issue.

Parental Leave

It’s time for employers to stop penalizing parents who take paid family leave

Paid family leave has made me a better leader, teammate, and more passionate human.


U.S. Army makes huge policy changes to help new parents

Parents who are soldiers inspired a new Army directive on parenthood, pregnancy and postpartum policies.

Parental Leave

This mama perfectly sums up what everyone gets wrong about maternity leave

Anna Whitehouse, the founder of Mama Pukka, shared a mother's insight on maternity leave in a now-viral LinkedIn post.


“I was not ready”—This mom’s honest post about maternity leave is so relatable

"As a majority income source for our family, I was forced to suck it up, put on a smile, and get back to work."

Motherly Stories

5 lies I believed about maternity leave

1. I believed that maternity leave would be a "break."

Parental Leave

Maternity leave planning—16 essential questions to ask your employer

3. Am I entitled to benefits when on maternity leave?

Celebrity News

These celebrity dads are raising awareness about paternity leave as a right & we are here for it 👏

Prince Harry is the latest famous dad to take paternity leave.