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How to prepare for postpartum at home

The must-have products you need

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Giving birth is a wondrous, incredible thing. But, real talk: It’s also hard work—that isn’t instantly over once your baby is in your arms. Whether you have a vaginal or cesarean birth, some rapid body changes and discomfort is to be expected. As your body experiences these changes during the days, weeks and months postpartum, doing what you can to support your recovery is the same as doing what you can to support yourself.

Even if you know that taking care of your body during the postpartum period should be a top priority, it can be hard to know where to start. With the new Birth Prep & Recovery line by Lansinoh, you don’t have to guess what to buy for postpartum body changes.

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lasinoh pain relief spray

Lansinoh pain relief spray with 4% lidocaine


By offering fast-acting, temporary pain relief, this little spray bottle can be a big help during the postpartum recovery period. Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, the blend of herbal ingredients and lidocaine acts fast to soothe tender areas. After consulting with your healthcare provider, this topical pain spray can be a great way to ease postpartum discomfort from the comfort of your own home.

Lansinoh hot & cold postpartum therapy packs


You can sum up the Hot & Cold Postpartum Therapy Packs in one word: versatile. Not only can it be used chilled or warmed, but it also has a slim, flexible fit that conforms to the body even when frozen. With two reusable pads and 12 disposable sleeves, the packs can relieve uterine cramping as well as soreness from delivery.
HHot and cold therapy packs
lasinoh wash bottle

Lansinoh postpartum wash bottle


With an upside-down design and angled spout, the Postpartum Wash Bottle solves the riddle of how to cleanse during postpartum bathroom trips. A helpful postpartum product to have at home for the first weeks, the bottle offers a gentle, hygienic stream of water, so you can easily clean even around tender areas.

Lansinoh herbal postpartum spray


Made with natural, plant-based ingredients including witch hazel, aloe and calendula, this spray provides cooling relief. Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, the Herbal Postpartum Spray has an innovative 360-degree sprayer so you can calm hard-to-reach, tender areas.
lansinoh herbal spray
lansinoh birth prep and recovery massage oil

Lansinoh birth prep & recovery organic massage oil


As a multi-use birth prep massage oil, this nourishing blend of 100% natural ingredients is one you’ll use daily during the third trimester. Gynecologically tested and safe for sensitive skin, you can apply the organic oil to your belly or areas prone to stretching. With your healthcare provider’s advice, the oil may also be used before perineal massage during late pregnancy to condition skin and support elasticity.

Lansinoh postpartum recovery essentials kit


With the Postpartum Wash Bottle, Herbal Postpartum Spray, and Hot & Cold Postpartum Therapy Package, this kit will help you prepare to manage cleaning, soothing and discomfort. These most-loved items by mamas are great for use on their own—and even more convenient to purchase when bundled together. (Hello, baby registry idea!)
lansinoh recovery kit

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