Maya Corbic, CPA, CA

From challenging beginnings in shelters and government housing, Maya Corbic, is a first-generation immigrant and CPA, who draws from her experience of overcoming financial challenges and simplifies money matters to inspire children to pursue financial success. Maya is the author of a kids’ book "From Piggy Banks to Stocks: The Ultimate Guide for a Young Investor" which simplifies investing concepts and equips children with essential investing skills while keeping them engaged. She is the founder of the Wealthy Kids Investment Club and has a popular Instagram account @teach.kids.money that has 133K+ subscribers through which she inspires parents to raise financially independent kids. By the time she was 32 years old, she and her husband paid off $60,000 of debt, in addition to their mortgage. Her vision is to empower every child to become a financially independent adult.

Family Finances & Budgeting

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