pelvis of woman in postpartum diaper holding baby Motherly

Women's Health

We need to talk about your postpartum pelvic health

A survey conducted by Origin found that 75% of women have dealt with 2 or more pelvic health symptoms, but 96% had not received a related diagnosis.

hilton riviera vallarta review Motherly


The perfect vacation spot DOES exist, and it’s a dream for families or adults traveling without kids

This is the perfect destination for you to bring the whole family—or come alone for some mama "me time."

Best mud kitchens for kids Motherly

Toddler Shopping Guides

6 mud kitchens that unleash creativity and messy fun

Unlike standard play kitchens which offer a relatively controlled and structured environment, mud kitchens encourage messy and open-ended play in connection with nature.

kourtney k Motherly

Celebrity News

Kourtney Kardashian says baby Rocky only sleeps in her arms

“It's my favorite thing in the world," she says.

State of Motherhood

Motherly is the voice of modern motherhood engaging more than 20 million women every month.

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pregnancy energy Motherly


Scientists calculate the energy it takes to carry a baby—and it’s WAY more than they thought

Even scientists admit they’ve underestimated the energy it takes to carry a baby.

powerpoint rules for newborn Motherly


New mom’s PowerPoint of ground rules for meeting her newborn goes viral on TikTok

“Do what feels right for you and your family.”

happy pregnant woman at the beach Motherly


5 ways pregnancy can boost your confidence—tips from a motherhood coach

You’ll be prepared to stride into motherhood with an increased appreciation for who you are and the belief that you can do anything.

prenatal care Motherly


New York is officially the first state to mandate PTO for prenatal care

Employees will receive 20 hours of paid prenatal healthcare leave beginning in 2025.

mom laying on the couch with baby boy Motherly


To the person who falls in love with my son

One day, when you love him and he loves you, I will be so proud.

kids swimming with life vests Motherly


Pediatrician shares water safety tips for parents amid new CDC data on drowning

Swim lessons aren't just fun—they can save a child's life.

child reading a book in a fort Motherly

Toddler Learn & Play

5 ways to raise little readers

My kids see me read. They know that reading is something I do like cooking and showering and exercising.

mother embracing her disabled child Motherly


5 myths about disability mothering

Understanding and empathizing with the realities of the disability mothering experience is the first step toward building a society that supports, includes and celebrates the diverse abilities of all its members.

pregnant Motherly

Pregnant? Bookmark these 13 articles now

A guide for every stage in your incredible journey.

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womens history celebrate Motherly

6 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with your kids

Make memories while building lasting knowledge with these fun and easy ideas.

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mom feels childs forehead for fever Motherly

Children's Health

Is it norovirus or Shigella? How to tell the difference

Though symptoms can be similar among the stomach illnesses, there are a few ways to tell the virus and bacterial infection apart.

woman meeting with doctor in office Motherly

Women's Health

Feeling dismissed by your doctor? Medical gaslighting can be common in women’s health

And it happened to me. Here are the red flags to look out for.

eco friendly swaps Motherly

Home Shopping Guides

35 eco-friendly & sustainable swaps for products you use every day

Every little change makes a huge difference over time.

woman with eyes closed leaning on wall Motherly

Motherly Stories

No, my life didn’t ‘start’ the day I became a mom

Technically speaking, it ended.

moms and kids playing together in group Motherly

Motherly Stories

If you don’t live near your village, here’s how to create one 

Do whatever it takes to get the support you need because raising children is not easy and you shouldn’t have to do it on your own.

Indian Mother Hugging Toddler On Bed Motherly

Motherly Stories

A mantra for mamas: ‘It’s safe to let the love get bigger’

Mothering is a daily, moment-to-moment spiritual practice.

mom hugging her teen son Motherly

Motherly Stories

Embracing my ‘fire’—even if it embarrasses my teen

Just the other day my son said, “You know, Mom, I’m generally not embarrassed by you.”

video podcast flower Motherly

State of Motherhood

This time-lapse proves moms are never off the clock

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