Sloane stephens egg freezing kindbody Motherly

Women's Health

Tennis star Sloane Stephens wants pro athletes to be able to freeze their eggs without impacts on their rankings

As the only elite-level tennis player who has been open about freezing her eggs, Stephens is championing reproductive health education in the professional sports world.

mom packing hack Motherly

Viral & Trending

This mom’s packing hack for traveling with kids is time-saving and totally genius

It may not be aesthetically pleasing but who cares? It works.

grass park park playing child boy family son father father dad dad laughing lying in grass t20 lWyVKZ Motherly

Father's Day

40+ of the best Father’s Day gifts for every dad on your list this year

Celebrate the dads in your life with a little something special.

olivia wilde daughter note Motherly

Celebrity News

Olivia Wilde’s 7-year-old daughter has the best attitude about crushing on boys

“That’s my girl,” the proud mom wrote.

State of Motherhood

Motherly is the voice of modern motherhood engaging more than 20 million women every month.

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doula helping pregnant woman on couch Motherly


Are doulas covered by insurance? It depends on where you live

This founder wants to help you find out if you’re eligible.

bridgerton Motherly

Baby Names

Baby names inspired by ‘Bridgerton’ for your own little Gentle Reader

From Charlotte to Penelope and Colin to Kate, these are the hottest names from the hottest show.

pregnancy energy Motherly


Scientists calculate the energy it takes to carry a baby—and it’s WAY more than they thought

Even scientists admit they’ve underestimated the energy it takes to carry a baby.

powerpoint rules for newborn Motherly


New mom’s PowerPoint of ground rules for meeting her newborn goes viral on TikTok

“Do what feels right for you and your family.”

how to foster empathy through therapy Motherly


Teaching my children to be good citizens: How to foster empathy through philanthropic giving

As parents, we can empower our children to shape the future by instilling habits of generosity. Data shows that being generous also improves well-being and mental health—benefiting everyone.

origin 5037 Motherly


Being a SAHM during the summer can be so hard—so I came up with a plan

Plan, prepare—but also be flexible. I think that's my new summer mantra.

how to teach kids about cancer mom talking to daughter by window Motherly


How to teach kids about cancer—from a Certified Child Life Specialist

There’s nothing normal about talking to kids about cancer, but unfortunately, it’s rather common. In fact, talking about it can provide them with a sense of relief that they don’t have to make sense of things on their own.

ARTICLE HERO Sand Background 42 Motherly

Viral & Trending

This viral TikTok mom hack for bubbles is here to save your summer

This bubbles hack is genius and will ensure endless play for your little one.

pregnant Motherly

Pregnant? Bookmark these 13 articles now

A guide for every stage in your incredible journey.

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womens history celebrate Motherly

6 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with your kids

Make memories while building lasting knowledge with these fun and easy ideas.

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mom feels childs forehead for fever Motherly

Children's Health

Is it norovirus or Shigella? How to tell the difference

Though symptoms can be similar among the stomach illnesses, there are a few ways to tell the virus and bacterial infection apart.

woman meeting with doctor in office Motherly

Women's Health

Feeling dismissed by your doctor? Medical gaslighting can be common in women’s health

And it happened to me. Here are the red flags to look out for.

eco friendly swaps Motherly

Home Shopping Guides

35 eco-friendly & sustainable swaps for products you use every day

Every little change makes a huge difference over time.

family camping sitting on car roof Motherly

Motherly Stories

5 camping safety tips for parents, from an emergency medicine doctor

What to know before you go, from managing bug bites to heat illness to sunburns.

my son wants to hang out with me Motherly

Motherly Stories

Right before he sets off for college, my teen wants to hang out with me—be still my heart

This wouldn’t be remarkable for any reason other than he’s 17. And given that he’s now a driving, almost adult, I see the mailman more predictably than I see my son. Since he wasn’t feverish, I claimed it as the only thing it could be: A Sunday miracle.

mom breastfeeding in bed Motherly

Baby Feeding Guides & Schedules

6 expert tips to help you meet your breastfeeding goals

Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Target bestsellers Motherly

Home Shopping Guides

16 Target best-sellers we’d never regret adding to our carts

With budgets tightening, we can't just toss anything into those cheerful red carts.

video podcast flower Motherly

State of Motherhood

This time-lapse proves moms are never off the clock

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