mother putting sunblock on toddler Motherly

Baby Health

How hot is *too* hot for baby to go outside?

Take these important steps to prevent heat-related illness in little ones.

close up of parent holding newborn baby Motherly

Baby Health

How you can support your baby’s mental health

Yes, infant mental health is real—and it can start to develop as early as pregnancy. Here’s what experts say about reading your baby’s emotional cues.

girl tying pink shoes Motherly

Child Shopping Guide

25+ back-to-school shoes for kids of all ages

From the perfect kicks for preschool to velcro options that will save you time and aggravation!

State of Motherhood

Motherly is the voice of modern motherhood engaging more than 20 million women every month.

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Disney baby names merida moana maribel Motherly

Baby Names

These whimsical Disney baby names are climbing in popularity

New data shows that Disney-inspired monikers are on the rise. From Merida to Moana, there’s a magical baby name to suit your little one among the bunch.

house of the dragon baby names Motherly

Baby Names

These ‘House of the Dragon’ baby names are still super popular

Fantasy-inspired baby names are all the rage right now.

2024 Article Hero Celebrity Trending 14 Motherly

Celebrity News

Fellow moms love Ashley Tisdale for keeping it real about ‘horrible’ pregnancy reflux

Moms everywhere know the feeling of trying to get some solid z’s during pregnancy.

child swimming in lake Motherly

Viral & Trending

Mom warns about hypothermia after son experiences terrifying ‘cold shock’ at the beach

“Just because they can handle it doesn't mean they can handle it,” she wrote.

how to talk to kids about politics Motherly


How to talk to kids about politics in an election year

If it feels hard to broach the subject, don’t worry—but don’t avoid it. Talking to kids about politics in an age-appropriate way can strengthen their understanding—and your relationship.

cultivate positive masculinity Motherly


5 tips for cultivating positive masculinity in the next generation of men

Challenge the societal expectations and preconceived notions about what it means to be a boy or a man.

pregnant Motherly

Pregnant? Bookmark these 13 articles now

A guide for every stage in your incredible journey.

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womens history celebrate Motherly

6 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with your kids

Make memories while building lasting knowledge with these fun and easy ideas.

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mom feels childs forehead for fever Motherly

Children's Health

Is it norovirus or Shigella? How to tell the difference

Though symptoms can be similar among the stomach illnesses, there are a few ways to tell the virus and bacterial infection apart.

woman meeting with doctor in office Motherly

Women's Health

Feeling dismissed by your doctor? Medical gaslighting can be common in women’s health

And it happened to me. Here are the red flags to look out for.

eco friendly swaps Motherly

Home Shopping Guides

35 eco-friendly & sustainable swaps for products you use every day

Every little change makes a huge difference over time.

potty training process Motherly

Motherly Stories

Potty training post-mortem: What went wrong, how we recovered and what we learned

Things started off well, then fell apart. We couldn’t believe how hard the process was.

bereaved parents club Motherly

Miscarriage & Loss

An invitation to the bereaved parents club 

This is paradoxical: to love and to lose in this way. It’s unthinkable, and yet here we are.

tiktok pajamas debate Motherly

Viral & Trending

Woman throws TikTok into an unintentional uproar with huge debate about pajama hygiene

How often do YOU wash your pajamas after wearing them?

detaching from social media Motherly

Motherly Stories

Detaching from social media made me fall back in love with my life—exactly as it is

For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of social media, I encourage you to consider taking a break.

video podcast flower Motherly

State of Motherhood

This time-lapse proves moms are never off the clock

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