Savannah Jane O'Malley

Savannah Jane O’Malley is a wife and working mother of 3 former preemies. She works full-time, pursues her artistic passions part-time, and moms all the time. When her twin boys were born 3.5 months early, everything she thought her life was supposed to be, was shattered. The 1lb warriors spent their first 3 months fighting for the chance at life despite being given many devastating diagnoses, enduring countless ups and downs, and achieving absolutely incredible triumphs. This season of her life made her discover her true role as a mother and set her on a brand-new trajectory. She is an ally to people with disabilities (especially cerebral palsy, like her son), a cheerleader to families during and after a NICU stay, a maternal mental health advocate and a self-proclaimed spreader of reckless hope. She has recently launched a campaign, Cards of Hope, in which she mails a piece of artwork from her Hope Series to a mother of traumatic birth during the month of her trauma occurred so that the mother knows she is not alone.

Motherly Stories

Having micropreemie twins taught me it’s OK to grieve for babies who are still alive

"Having so many people tell me that I was strong somehow made me convince myself that I was. Looking back now, I don’t know how I survived without a complete mental collapse—because I was not strong. I simply survived."