Amanda Rachelle

Amanda Rachelle is a freelance culture writer that finds her inspiration in the everyday and travel. She is living her happily ever after with her husband Drew and their two kids near the Rockies. She works at home, writing, snapping pics, and chasing her two little ones often found with a coffee in hand.


Science backs up this old wives’ tale about bananas

You may think this one is too bananas to be true—but science proves it! ?

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Viral photo from NYC subway shows the power of a smile

This country is at its best when we come together while adoring cute babies. 


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Now is the time for your comeback, mama

Motherhood makes us stronger, therefore that comeback will be full of strength, passion and beauty.


It’s not selfish to take a break, mama

It isn’t selfish to take a shower. It isn’t selfish to brush your hair. It isn’t selfish to have dessert alone.