Chelsey Tobiason

Chelsey Tobiason is a Boho mom, trying to navigate the murky waters of parenthood without spilling her wine. She writes her sassy blog, Girl from the North Country, to keep sane and document the absurdly delightful, and only slightly shameful, pitfalls of raising young children. She is married to Batman and lives in sunny Southern California with her family and their beloved, yet neglected, French Bulldog. To read more visit her blog Girl from the North Country at www.diaryofamommy.com.


My ‘lazy parent’ summer bucket list

I want my summer to be an excuse to lavish in the ordinary and mundane; to cruise through our days like a VW Bug on a Hawaiian highway.


True life: I never thought I’d co-sleep, but it’s what works for my family

Co-sleeping has been the answer for my family. It’s okay if it’s not for yours.

Community & Friendship

To the new mother who desperately misses her friends

A whole new friendship circle awaits. Promise.

Career & Money

I feel guilty at work and guilty when I’m not working—but why?

I am a mother, and mothers are deep, complicated souls who cannot be pigeon-holed into one position.

Community & Friendship

My mom friends are my rocks—here are 5 essential qualities I look for

There is no one else, not even my adoring partner, who understands the emotional roller coaster that is daily life with small children.


To my son, in the leopard print one-piece

You would make any mama proud, parading around in that thing like you were born in it.