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Regan Long

Best selling author, household blogger, global entrepreneur, top CBD business mentor, public speaker, philanthropist, and paid family leave advocate, Regan Long, has developed a huge platform over the years with her writing, touching millions of readers around the world.With her five children Kendyl, Kaden, Kennedy, Kelsey, and Kolby, Regan has found such inspiration navigating through motherhood, capturing empowering moments that she has experienced that are shared and read by millions across the globe.Long was named Huffington Post's top 10 blogger two years in a row and has likewise been featured on several other top parenting sites with numerous of her pieces being shared millions of times on Motherly, Today Parents, Love What Matters, and Scary Mommy.Regan has grown two top entrepreneurial businesses from home, retiring her from her teaching career at the age of 31. After publishing 101 Moments of Motherhood and A Letter for Every Mother, Long is releasing her third book, Stuck at 5 CM, that is projected to be a best seller after its initial feedback. REGANLONG.COM

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