Many of us struggle to find the support we need in the early days of infant feeding, whether you’re learning how to breastfeed or navigating formula feeding. From fear of judgement (on both sides!), to simply understanding how to feed most effectively, a new mama can never have enough support or encouragement. Below are some great websites and blogs to peruse during those middle-of-the-night feedings — something we are ALL doing, no matter how we’re doing it!

If you’re bottle or combo-feeding, you’ll find support, reassurance and most importantly, no judgement here:

  1. Fearless Formula Feeder. A site and community that supports all parents in making informed choices, based on their individual needs and circumstances. What I like is that they’re neither pro-breast nor pro-bottle, but rather pro-whatever works for your family.
  2. Mama by the Bay. “Mama By The Bay is a place where ALL moms can find community and support, regardless of how they choose to feed their baby. Kim Simon details her unique journey through formula-feeding and breastfeeding, with a candid look into how to survive the fourth trimester and beyond.”
  3. Guilt Free Bottle Feeding. This is a site about bottle feeding without the guilt, whether you are unable to exclusively breastfeed or choose not to. “It aims to show families that they can raise wonderfully happy, healthy and smart formula-fed children”.

If you’re breastfeeding, these sites will answer questions or offer support during the more difficult times when you feel like you couldn’t possibly go on another day:

  1. Kelly Mom. This website consists of evidence based articles to help parents navigate breastfeeding and other topics about parenting. It’s a great place to find even simple facts like “how long can breastmilk stay at room temperature for” and so on.
  2. The Meaning of Grace. This is a beautiful website and shop devoted to Mother’s who are looking for a place to be nurtured and supported. It’s about gratitude and moments of reflection. Here you’ll find beautiful photography and even products you can purchase that focus on local, organic, philanthropic and environmentally away brands.
  3. The Leaky Boob. This is a site that supports breastfeeding by sharing personal experiences but also through informational resources. You can find a wide array of voices here, which is refreshing.
  4. Le Leche League. La Leche League’s mission is “to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.”

If you need some real-life feeding inspiration…and a little bit more:

  1. Coffee and Crumbs. This website is a collaborative blog where the nine writers share stories about motherhood, love, truth and all the good kind of heartache. They hope this space is a place to allow Mothers to feel less alone. The stories will make you laugh out loud and cry your ugliest cry (but all in the most wonderful way.)
  2. Hello Bee. This fun blog includes stories, information, pictures and everything in between about pregnancy, trying to conceive and parenthood. The mood is light (for the most part) and the posts are informative!
  3. Tribe de Mama. Tribe de Mama is a website that was created to support and share wisdom with all women in a community “that embraces nature, creativity and connection.” This site offers an opportunity to connect with other Mothers through virtual groups to find support during your own exploration of Motherhood. Check out their Instagram account for daily inspiration through beautiful photos (@tribedemama).

Tell us about your favorite breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and combo-feeding websites in the comments below!

Photography of Christine Fadel and Baby Edie by Belle Savransky of Dia New York, via The Meaning of Grace