Sweat often feels like a hallmark of motherhood. From those steamy August pregnancies to the sweat you work up chasing down a toddler, there are plenty of reasons to lose your cool.

Summer breastfeeding shouldn’t be one of them. Not only can overheating during breastfeeding be uncomfortable for mamas, it can also make it harder for little ones to focus on the task at hand. When feeding my own summer babies, I was often on the go in all kinds of weather, and nothing helped us have a smoother nursing session than keeping everyone comfortable no matter the weather.

Here are five products that helped keep both of us cool and dry while breastfeeding during the summer.

belly bandit sweat band bra liner

Belly Bandit sweat band bra liner

Is there anything worse than bra sweat? Even before I became a mom, that swampy underwire sensation was one of my least favorite things. Which is why the way this sweat band bra liner wicks away sweat is extra genius. Plus, for breastfeeding mamas, it does the same thing with any breastmilk leaks. 🙌

belly bandit bandita nursing bra

Belly Bandit bandita nursing bra

Or, skip the underwire altogether. (Really, aren’t there enough things to worry about as a mom?) Breathable, super thin and more reminiscent of your favorite tank top than a binding bra, this comfy alternative is supportive enough to wear during the day but stretchy enough to wear overnight.

baby tula explore coast carrier

Baby Tula Explore Coast Carrier

My secret to happy motherhood? A comfortable carrier. Keep baby cool while keeping her close with this breezy option. Mesh panels create extra ventilation, and adjustable straps help you find the right fit—and you can even breastfeed while carrying your little one.

oriane audrey blouse

Oriane audrey blouse

Tight, clingy or heavy clothes are a no-go for summer breastfeeding. Instead, I throw on this effortless blouse with a comfortable drape for easy feeding.

bebe au lait muslin nursing cover

Bebe Au Lait muslin nursing cover

No matter what you wear, you can breastfeed in comfortable privacy with this premium muslin cover. The patented open neckline provides extra airflow and lets you and baby maintain eye contact for maximum connection while nursing.