When maternity leave is over and you’re heading back to work, the last thing you want to do is advertise to the office you’re carrying around a bag of breast pumping equipment. So not cool. So you try to stuff that Spectra down in your Louis Vuitton, but there are so many parts. And then you have to wash them. And dry them. Where? On the counter in the office kitchen? Ugh.

You need a pump bag. And more specifically Skip Hop’s new Tray Chic Dry & Store Pump Bag. Here’s why:

1. Pumping requires a lot of stuff. Skip Hop’s new Tray Chic Dry & Store Pump Bag has a space for everything: a side zip pocket for your pump, a spacious top compartment to store milk, ice packs and even snacks — because omg does pumping make you hungry — and space to store all those pieces that need washed.

2. It’s awkward to dry your flanges on your desk. Because some things are just a little too personal for Bob in accounting, Skip Hop’s Pump Bag has a ventilated drying compartment. Wash your pump parts, then just pop them in the tray while they’re still wet (!!!) and slide into this life changing pocket. There’s even a pen loop in there, so you’re always ready to date those bags of liquid gold.

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3. Insulation is clutch when it comes to breast milk. Even more reason to use those emoji praise hands… you can keep your expressed milk in the insulated top compartment! That means no more leaving bags of milk in your shared office fridge or freezer, and you know it’s totally safe even if you take a detour to the mall on the way home from work.

4. Pumps don’t fit easily into a fanny pack. Let’s face it, pumps are bulky, and adding milk and ice packs certainly don’t lighten the load. Skip Hop’s bag makes it a little easier on your back with three carry styles: over the shoulder, crossbody or backpack.

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5. It looks so darn chic. Ok, not all pumping bags look cool, but the Tray Chic bag screams total #momboss. It’s sleek but unassuming, and at $60, totally affordable too. And after all the work you’re doing to feed your tiny little human, there’s no better treat.

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Tray Chic Dry & Store Pump Bag, $60.