Your 10-month-old baby’s personality is revealing itself more every day—which can be both wondrous and challenging. Sometimes even in the same moment! But, remember, your 10-month-old isn’t a little adult. They are in a very unique stage of development that involves not only learning about the world, but also figuring out how to cope with their emotions.

Looking ahead, your curious baby is going to find new ways to interact with their environment—especially now that they are on the move. By keeping track of what milestones your baby is working on achieving, you can support their development and consult with your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns.

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10-month-old baby milestones

If you’re wondering what should my 10-month-old be doing? Or, how many words should my 10-month-old say? Here’s what The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Mayo Clinic says about 10-month-old baby milestones.


  • Your baby is developing a sense of what’s right and wrong especially now that they likely understand what “no” means. Help create limits and praise them when they are engaging in behavior you want to encourage.
  • Your baby learns a lot from books—including the ones you read over and over. At this stage, they might really enjoy flap books with hidden pictures thanks to a better understanding of object permanence.

Motor Skills:

  • At 10 months, your baby should be able to feed themselves by grasping a piece of food between their thumb and forefinger.
  • Your baby may be working on pre-walking skills, such as pulling up to stand and “cruising” by walking while holding onto the side of furniture. Note that the AAP discourages the use of baby walkers due to safety concerns.
  • Even if walking isn’t yet on the radar, your baby should be able to move about the room and pull themselves into standing position. Consult with their doctor if they can’t support their weight or seem to favor one side of their body.

Social and Emotional:

  • Your 10-month-old baby is getting quite good at communicating their needs through a combination of sounds and gestures. Pointing isn’t rude at this point… It’s their way of sharing observations with you.
  • Separation anxiety often peaks between the ages of 10 and 18 months. Take care to give your baby some extra time to adjust to new places and use your words to reassure them you will return.

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10 month baby milestones

How to support your 10-month-old baby’s development this month

Up for a little homework assignment, mama? Here are some 10 months old baby activities to support your cutie’s development.

  • Help your 10-month-old baby feel confident about how they are communicating by talking back with them when they babble. Even if you can’t make out what they mean, they will be delighted to have your interest and will learn more about conversation.
  • Play with your 10-month-old baby by hiding an object under a set of cups and then having them guess where it is. There is no wrong answers when you are learning!
  • Encourage your 10-month-old baby’s communication skills with movement words, such as “wave hello!” By linking the action with the word, your baby can catch on pretty fast.

It’s science: Routines can improve your family’s happiness

With an on-the-go 10-month-old, your already busy life can seem even busier. If it’s starting to feel like too much, take a tip from experts and create some routines. It’s good for your family, too! Studies have found that routines can promote children’s language acquisition, academic skills, social skills and emotional bonds with their parents. And right now is an ideal time to start.

It probably feels like yesterday and so long ago since you first held your baby in your arms. Looking at them now—curious, cute and constantly moving—it’s exciting to think about all that is yet to come. As you look ahead, keep your baby’s milestones in mind. If you have questions or concerns, bring them up with your child’s doctor. Early intervention leads to the best outcomes.

10-month-old baby 101: