Encouraging kids to color helps them engage more with their creativity—and provides an activity that can even help them learn how to identify colors and shapes. And, if you can find coloring pages related to things your kids enjoy, they will be even more enthusiastic about holding a crayon and creating their next grand masterpiece to display on your fridge.

If your kids possess a love of basketball, take their enthusiasm for the game from the court to the dining room table with these basketball coloring pages. Bonus: these free coloring pages won’t cost you a dime.

Here are 12 awesome free basketball coloring pages for your kids to enjoy!

1. Basketball rim coloring page

We’re keeping things easy with this first one. This is a really basic picture of a basketball entering the net. Your younger ones will have fun coloring this basket!

2. Kids playing basketball coloring page

This picture of kids playing on the court will get your kids excited to do the same! This one may be a bit harder for your younger ones, but if you have a little artist on your hands, this may be the one for you.


3. Basic basketball coloring page

This epic picture will even help your younger kids learn to spell “basketball!” Here’s another basic picture for your younger basketball fans that will not only help them get creative, but also help them identify objects and even words and spelling.

4. Cats playing basketball coloring page

Who doesn’t love some adorable cats slam dunking? Give this cute picture to your cat lovers!

cats playing basketball coloring page

5. Girls playing basketball coloring page

This one is for your girls who love basketball! Teach your girls that they can get down to business too! This picture is of two girls playing an intense game of basketball.

6. LeBron James coloring page

Have your kids color their basketball hero, LeBron James, and maybe they’ll even hang it on their walls! This picture is pretty realistic, so you may want to save it for your more advanced artists.

7. Yoshi dribbling a basketball coloring page

If your kids are angry at you for not giving them screen-time, break out this picture of Yoshi playing basketball and they’ll forget all about it.

coloring pages for children basketball 28366

8. A slam dunk coloring page

This is a picture of two basketball players- one going for a slam dunk, and the other trying to defend his net. If your kids are getting really good at coloring, this realistic coloring page will be fun for them!

9. The Tasmanian Devil playing basketball coloring page

A picture of the Tasmanian Devil getting crazy on the court? Yes, please! This picture is pretty basic, so don’t be afraid to give it to your younger ones- unless your worried about them becoming little monsters like this guy!

10. Two girls shooting hoops coloring page

More girls shooting hoops! This cute picture is perfect for your younger girls, since it’s pretty basic, and it will get them excited about sports!

coloring pages for children basketball 78668

11. Another LeBron James coloring page

Your kids can’t get enough of LeBron James, and neither can we. This picture of LeBron James is a little less advanced than the previous one, so it will be easier for your younger basketball fans.

12. A friendly match coloring page

It wouldn’t be complete without a nice friendly match to promote sportsmanship and teamwork to your kids! Now go grab some crayons and markers and get coloring!