“Bluey” is all the rave on Disney+ (among parents, too), and now your child can keep up with Bluey with “Bluey” coloring pages! The Australian animated TV series, which first premiered in 2018, follows the Heeler family, a pack of four Australian blue heeler dogs who embrace creativity to its fullest. “Bluey” is a show for adults just as much as it is for kids, with valuable lessons on parenting at every corner. In every nine-minute episode, kids watch Bluey tackle different challenges and learn new skills, and there’s lots of playtime activities. 

Whether your kid can’t get enough of Bluey or is missing the Heeler family in between episodes, these “Bluey” coloring pages will curb their “Bluey” itch. And to top it off, these illustrations of Bluey with her friends and family can be downloaded and printed for free. To get started, follow the link attached to each “Blue” coloring page.

Download these 10 free Bluey coloring pages:

1. Bluey playing a xylophone coloring page

Make Bluey’s xylophone bright and colorful with primary colors. Available for free on iHeart Crafty Things. 

2. Bluey underwater coloring page

Look at Bluey exploring the deep, big blue! Help your kiddo draw in extra sea creatures like fishes, starfish, jellyfish and more. 

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3. Bluey camping and campfire coloring page

This “Bluey” coloring page shows Bluey and fans enjoying the great outdoors and roasting marshmallows. 


4. Bluey giving a hug coloring page

Teach your kid about the power of hugs through coloring. Then showcase their masterpiece on the fridge for everyone to see!

5. Bluey and friends coloring page

Can your child name all of Bluey’s friends in this “Bluey” coloring page? Download and print it at no cost on Get Coloring Pages. 

6. Bluey and family coloring page

Perfect for scribblers and aspiring artists alike, this Bluey coloring page features an adorable family portrait of Bluey and the fam.

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7. Bluey reading a book coloringpPage

If anyone can inspire your little one to read it’s Bluey! Once they’re done coloring, prompt them to pick out a book that you both can read aloud together. 


8. Bluey coloring page

This “Bluey” coloring page is free of details and composed of big shapes, great for colorers who aren’t quite ready to color in between the lines. 

9. Muffin & Socks coloring page

Say hi to Bluey’s cousins, Muffin and Socks, in this animated coloring sheet. It’s free of charge courtesy of Get Coloring Pages. 

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10. Labrador Lucky coloring page

Can your little pup recognize who this “Bluey” character is? It’s Lucky, Bluey’s energetic next door neighbor!