As soon as there’s a chill in the air, it’s time to start thinking about your kids’ Halloween costume. Depending on your kiddo, they may change their mind 47 times before committing or have had their sights set on a plan since November 1st of last year.

But no matter what, deciding on kid Halloween costumes can be a tough choice– so we’re here to provide some inspiration! Maybe they want to be their favorite book or TV character. Or, they want something completely unique—which means you might be tapping into your creative side with Pinterest or Instagram-inspired DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Since searching for kid costumes for Halloween can take you down a very long rabbit hole, we’ve done the work for you! Scroll through these sweet photos to find the Halloween costume ideas for toddlers to tweens that are easy to execute or add to cart.

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From classic costumes like Peter Pan and Cinderella, to more out-of-the-box attire like a weather reporter or super mom, we’ve gathered adorable costume ideas to inspire the kiddos.

Check out these kids’ Halloween costumes ideas


It’s me, hi. Throw their hair in the customary top knot, toss on some leggings, big dark glasses, and tuck a Starbies in their hand. (Or if you’re willing to lend them your Stanley, even better. Hydration is important!) Then add the pièce de résistance–a scaled down Ergo carrier for their favorite doll. Voila! A modern day Superwoman otherwise known as Mom.

Knight in Shining Armor

What kid can resist a costume that involves a sword? With these lightweight and sensory-friendly metallic vests, ordinary clothes become a costume. Add in the sword and shield and they’re ready for action!

Wednesday Addams

Everyone’s favorite dark cloud, Wednesday Addams is sure to be as popular as ever this year. It’s an easy one to pull off, whether you go with a frilly Gothic gown or a more traditional white collared velvety dress. Have them learn Jenna Ortega’s viral-worthy dance and they’re guaranteed to win the costume contest.

Peter Pan

Never grow up! And never settle for itchy uncomfortable costumes. This four-piece Peter Pan set is soft and comfortable and made to be worn over and over again.

A Jedi

The force is strong with this one! We also love that the robe makes layering for chilly temps super easy. There’s a ton of ready-made options out there, but the one from Little Adventures is a top pick for its quality construction that’s free of zippers, ties and buttons. Add on a foam light saber for the full effect!


Leia may have the more fun hair style, Rey has the force. Our top out of the box picks are the flowy, comfortable dress styles from Taylor Joelle and the more traditional pants version we found here.

A Weather Reporter

So simple, so hilarious. Chances are, they’ve already got a button down shirt and some khakis kicking around. Add in a tie with a piece of wire inside, an inside out umbrella and a microphone and Al Roker will have to move aside for his replacement.

Cruella de Vil

The iconic intersection of evil and glam! From furry vests to sophisticated, spotted capes and long red satin gloves, there’s a ton of fun ways to pull this one off. (Don’t forget the sunglasses!)


Villians are always in style. Complete with a satin horn headpiece that really pulls the look together, this gorgeous Maleficent-inspired costume is machine washable so they can wear it for dress up play all year round.


Real life heroes have been a go-to costume choice for ages. Best of all, they make a great addition to the dress up bin! We’re big fans of the well made options from Great Pretenders and Melissa & Doug which both come with all the necessary accessories as well!

A Construction Worker

If a construction site is their version of Disney World, this costume will rock their world. The Melissa & Doug set comes with a collection of accessories, but you’ve got to add your own tutu. (Which, if we’re being honest really pulls the whole thing together.)

Paddington Bear

How cute is this! Pair a sweet (and warm!) duffle coat with red bucket hat and rain boots and boom! Paddington Bear.


A total classic! With a perfectly poufy gown and dainty gloves, this is one costume they’ll want to wear to the grocery store, school, and everywhere in between. (Apologies in advance.) Opt for the easy to wash style from Great Pretenders and at least it will stay clean.

Hippie Styles

From floral dresses to fringed vests and boots, we can never resist a good 60s inspired get up. Take it the extra mile with a DIY cardboard VW bus!

Queen of Hearts

Between the super fun makeup, over the top dress, and permission to boss people around for a couple hours, what kid can say no to the Queen of Hearts?

Toy Story

Whether they’re solo or rolling with a crew, there’s so many great Toy Story characters to choose from! Woody is easy enough to DIY, but this one costs less than $40 bucks and is ready to go with boot covers and all! More of a Buzz Lightyear kid of kid? No problem.


An easy one to pull off with a yellow rain coat and blue bob wig! Or scoop up this set that comes with boot covers for the full look.

Peppa Pig

The power of Peppa doesn’t seem to be letting up. This hooded dress and leggings comes complete with an adorable curly tail.


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! (And Lydia, of course.) This two-piece set comes with a jacket that’s got the shirt and tie attached as well as matching pants to complete the look. (Don’t forget the wig!)

A version of this post was published October 4, 2019. It has been updated.