Deciding on a kid Halloween costumes can be a tough choice so we're here to provide some inspiration. Maybe they want to be their favorite book or TV character. Or, they want something completely unique—which means you might be tapping into your creative side with Pinterest or Instagram-inspired DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids.

And, since searching for kid costumes for Halloween can take you down a very long rabbit hole, we've done the work for you! Scroll through these sweet photos to find the Halloween costume ideas for toddlers to tweens that you've been waiting for.

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From classic costumes, like Superwoman and Cinderella, to more out-of-the-box attire, like a scarecrow or chicken, we've gathered adorable costume ideas to inspire the kiddos.

Check out these kid Halloween costumes ideas

1. Superwoman

Bibianna Rocha

2. Peter Pan

Kaitlee Fenno

3. Scarecrow

Tiffany Casper

4. Robot

Jennifer Neff

5. Octopus and mermaid

Julianna Drinan

6. Chicken

Jacklyn Kate

7. Starry night

Cierra Joy Wortman

8. Clown

Dha Muyalde

9. Beauty and The Beast

Brittany Baez

10. Unicorn

Tyler and Hilda Dunford

11. Disney's Rapunzel and Anna

Lindsey Whitworth

12. Firefighter and dalmation

Kate Zylinski

13. Cookie Monster

McKenzie Ruttner

14. Police officer

Pamela Zavaleta

15. Power Ranger

Danielle Groff

16. Prince Gristle

Alicia Hooper

17. Chucky

Kim Butcher

18. Dobby

Emily Whiteley

19. Paper bag princess

Heather Cameron

20. Little Red Riding Hood

Kimberly Steward

21. The Big Bad Wolf

Nicole Monk

22. Marty McFly

Carla Bermudez-Rivera

School-aged kids costumes for Halloween

23. Mummy

Marieke Ayoub

24. Dinosaur

Christel Jameson

25. Strawberry

Jam My

26. Dorothy

Kelsey Berry

27. Deer

Carrie Arias

28. Moana (and Pua)

Clare Kennedy

29. Butterfly

Eni Dan

30. Luigi and Peach

Lisa Coker

31. Batman and Robin

Stephanie Maiden

32. Pink super girl and Wall-E

Jasen Melinda Eairheart

33. Luke Skywalker and Jedi Knight

Wolf Pup Threads

Halloween Tween costumes

34. Crayon

April Nixon

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