Mother’s Day is almost here, and whether you’re shopping for a favorite mama in your life, dropping some hints to your partner, or planning on treating yourself (because you deserve it), we’ve got just the right gift to help you enjoy your special day.

364 days a year you work to make the magic. Manage schedules. Teach all the things. Wipe noses, behinds, and tears. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor that hard work and frankly, every mom deserves a little extra. (In addition to that handmade macaroni necklace, of course.)

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From all out splurges to affordable Mother’s Day gifts, here are our favorite picks that are sure to put a smile on any mama’s face this year.

Best Mother's Day gifts 2024

Rifle Paper Co. Small Cosmetic Pouch

Rifle Paper Co.

Small Cosmetic Pouch


The cheery prints from Rifle Paper Co. never fail to make us smile. Their small cosmetic pouch in their signature Garden Party floral makes a sweet gift for the traveling mama (or any mama, really)!

Audry Rose Mama Ring

Audry Rose

Mama Ring


Made from 14k yellow gold, the Audry Rose Mama ring is accented with a sweet little heart and so universal she can wear it non-stop.

Taja Candle


Custom Candle


She’s probably been gifted a candle before, but I can guarantee she hasn’t been gifted one like this. The hand-poured candles from Miami-based Taja are housed in gorgeous reusable glass vessels which can be completely customized with words, logos or even photos. Choose from a wide variety of sophisticated essential oil-based scents and a range of sizes to create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Not a designer? That’s fine! For an additional fee their design concierge will work with you to knock it out of the park.

Caraa Market Tote


Market Tote


If she regularly roams the farmer’s market, this is the gift she’s been waiting for. Organized, stylish and oh-so-efficient, the Caraa Market Tote has a clever place for everything–an insulated zip pocket for cold groceries, four vertical bottle pockets, a roomy inside, a botanical strap and a zipper pocket for her essentials. Time to schedule a picnic, stat!

Tiny Tags Flamingo Feather Necklace

Tiny Tags

Flamingo Feather Necklace


Fun fact: When raising their babies, both male and female flamingos lose their signature pink hue due to the demands of feeding and caring for their young. The good news? As their babies get older and less dependent, their color comes back. As moms, we need to be reminded that this season of life is temporary. If you’ve got a mom on your list who’s in the thick of it, this delicate flamingo feather can serve as a reminder that with time, support and a heaping helping of self care, she too will get her pink back.

Vitruvi Glow Essential Oil Diffuser


Glow Essential Oil Diffuser


We’re longtime fans of the minimalist ceramic diffusers from Vitruvi, but let’s be honest–breakable decor isn’t always an option with little ones. Luckily there’s now a stress-free and equally relaxing aromatherapy experience in the Glow. Designed with a similarly chic aesthetic the ultrasonic diffuser is made with durable recycled plastic and offers the added option of soft light. The perfect bedside companion for reading exactly three pages before dropping her book directly on her face.

With Heart- Every Mother Counts Bouquet

Farmgirl Flowers

With Heart: Every Mother Counts Bouquet


There is nothing quite like fresh flowers. Farmgirl’s arrangements are fresh, modern, and stunning, and what you see is what you get. And while the entire Mother’s Day Collection is absolutely stunning, we’re particularly smitten with the With Heart bouquet. For each arrangement sold, Farmgirl donates $10 to support Every Mother Counts to assist in their mission of achieving equitable maternity care for every mother, everywhere.

Oui the People Hydrating Body Gloss

Oui the People

Hydrating Body Gloss Cedarwood


Give her the gift of feeling amazing in her own skin–literally. Oui the People’s award-winning Body Gloss delivers maximum hydration in a formula that’s unlike any body care product we’ve ever tried. The hydrating serum-meets-body oil glides on like silk and sinks in instantly to give parched skin a gorgeous glow. You don’t even have to wait to get dressed! Their newly released Cedarwood scent is an instant fave with a woody and floral vibe that’s downright sexy. Yes to all of it.

Environ Intensive Revival Cream Mask


Intensive Revival Cream Mask


As my facialist tells me, masking is key to your skin’s health–and trust me, I’ve tried more than my fair share in my quest to unlock it. Only one has ever sent me to my group text to tell everyone they need to buy it STAT. Environ’s Intensive Revival Cream Mask. The AHA-powered gel is dubbed a “facelift in a jar,” and made my skin notably softer the very first time I used it. It’s hydrating and plumping and best of all, it doesn’t irritate or sting in the slightest. The only downside to gifting it is she’ll become addicted to the glow!

sanuk yoga sling sandal


Sling ST Sandal


A super cute sandal that feels like yoga pants for your feet? Sign her up. The Sling ST from the always comfy Sanuk pairs with everything from summer dresses to jeans and tee shirts–which is perfect since she’ll never want to take them off.

OTM Monaco




If she’s ever suffered the catastrophe of her favorite lipstick melting all over her cosmetics bag, she’ll go gaga for OTM. Their super chic makeup bags are designed with a high-tech lining that shields your coveted beauty products (and sunscreen!) with a heat resistant, radiant barrier that keeps them protected even in hot direct sun.

NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit


Mini+ Supercharged Skincare Routine


Take her skincare routine to the next level with this power-packed set from NūFace. The small but mighty Mini+ uses microcurrent to tone, lift and contour the skin and facial muscles to a degree that with consistent use, rivals much pricier treatments. Personally, I was little skeptical, but looking at the before and after photos in just a single session, I was sold. Along with the easy-to-use app, it’s a fantastic tool to help de-puff and give that fresh-faced look in just a few minutes each day.

Petite Plume Luxe Pima Cotton Panthere de Paris Nightshirt

Petite Plume

Luxe Pima Cotton Panthère de Paris Nightshirt


Luxurious but comfy, the Pima cotton nightshirt from Petite Plume will make her feel just the right amount of spoiled (and adored). The fabric is incredibly soft and high-end but still cool and breathable, which truth be told, may ruin her ability to wear any other pajamas ever again. And if you really want to earn some bonus points, personalize them with a monogram!

Fewer Finer Two Pockets Ring

Fewer Finer

Two Pockets Ring


Be still our beating hearts. This minimalist beauty is more than just a pretty bauble. Inspired by the parable that suggests everyone should carry two notes in their pockets–one for times of discouragement that reads, “I am the rock on which this world stands. Everything revolves around what I choose to be”  and one for times that require humility stating, ““I am nothing but a grain of sand. Everything in the world is greater than me.”–the 14K gold ring is is set with a diamond in each side. Slide it to the large baguette diamond when you need to feel your power, and flip it to the small round diamond when you need a bit of grounding.

Yohana Subscription


One Month of Helping Tackle Her To-Do List


As a busy mom, her to-do list can pile up pretty quickly. Don’t gift her one of those hollow “coupons” for help. Truly help her get it all done with a subscription to Yohana. Yohana is a premium concierge service she can use right through her phone to juggle everything from meal planning to finding a local handyman to fix a broken washing machine. Their team of helpers can even book appointments and help plan birthday parties. It’s like giving her a second set of hands!

Ray Ban Meteor




For the trendsetting mama with an eye for timeless style, Ray-Ban’s classic Meteor sunglasses are a guaranteed slam dunk. Not only are they impressively durable, they’re perfectly on point for every occasion. And let’s be honest–they can really work wonders for concealing the fact she’s slept a collective 12 hours all week.

Brooklinen Mulberry silk bundle


Mulberry Silk Bundle


If anyone needs their beauty sleep, it’s a mama. Ultra-pampering, this gift gives from Brooklinen will help her sleep better thanks to the breathable and soft-as-butter mulberry silk eye mask and pillowcase. Bonus: It’s also super gentle on both skin and hair.

Corico The Olive Boat Pit Port Motherly


The Olive Boat & Pit Port


For the mama who prides herself on her charcuterie board building skills (yes, it counts as cooking as far as we’re concerned), this is the gift she never knew she needed. The clever dish elegantly serves up olives while providing a place to hide the discarded pits. The hostest with the mostest? We think so.

kibou vegan leather bag


Fanny Pack Diaper Bag


Upgrade her diaper bag with a chic fanny pack. Perfect for the toddler mama who’s just toting the essentials, the Kibou is small but mighty. According to one fan, hers is currently holding “three diapers, 20 wipes, changing pad, baby hat, one burp rag, extra baby sleeper, two masks, hand sanitizer, my keys, emergency underwear and crayons, 10 Band-Aids, credit card, chapstick, and my phone.” Full-size diaper bag—you get the boot.

Meenal Patel Studio Mother Mountain Print

Meenal Patel Studio

Mother Mountain Print


Mamas move mountains on the daily. Remind her of her strength, resilience and total badassery with this inspiring print from Meenal Patel Studio. We love the artist’s attention to detail and the simple aesthetic. Prices vary based on size.

Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

Cozy Earth

Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set


Every mom deserves a pair of luxurious pajamas. Ones that she can slip into and feel like a million bucks just to curl up and go to sleep. The best ones out there? The sets from Cozy Earth. The classic style says “I’ll await brunch in my chambers, thank you” and is so incredibly soft she’ll be asking for the matching sheet set ASAP.

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer


J2 Cold Press Juicer


Spending a bazillion dollars on a post pilates juice is cool and all, but what about  making your own? Juicing enthusiasts and novices alike rave about the incredibly powerful Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer which makes quick work of whatever fruits and veggies you can think of. Just open the hopper, toss in your faves and that’s it. No painstaking chopping or adding one ingredient at a time. Your fresh, cold pressed juice is ready in minutes and the clean up is just as easy!





Fancy cocktails—hold the alcohol! For mamas who love the taste of bitey drinks like negronis and manhattans but would rather not deal with the hangover, Ghia delivers a delicious alternative. The art-deco-esque packaging and incredible recipe guidance makes it a gorgeous gift that deserves a spot on every summer bar cart.

jiggy boobs puzzle


Boobs Puzzle


Is there a better holiday to celebrate the girls than Mother’s Day? We think not. Like the rest of the gorg puzzles from Jiggy, it comes in a reusable glass jar and includes a tube of puzzle glue so she can proudly display her new art once she’s finished.

Woda Bag


Woda Bag


Adventure-loving moms need an adventure-ready bag. The innovative and water-proof Woda Bag– launched by two Charleston mamas–weighs next to nothing but can easily stand up to sand, saltwater, sun and well, kids. Plop it in a puddle! Drag it through the mud! Stuff it to the brim with the day’s essentials (don’t worry, it’s still super comfy even when it’s heavy) and hose it off when you get home. And even though it’s tough as nails, it comes in a collection of gorgeous colors that are almost too pretty to get dirty. Almost.

Cuyana Small Zipper Pouch


Small Zipper Pouch


Classic and chic, Cuyana accessories are always the perfect gift. (They’re also made in a women-0wned factory!) We love the versatility of this core piece which can be carried on its own when all she needs are the essentials or tucked into a tote when she’s carting the whole shebang. Make it extra special by adding her initials!

Packtowl Changing Poncho


Changing Poncho


The ultimate beach day multitasker, the Packtowl Changing Poncho is perfect for moms with kids in tow. It’s both a super absorbent towel and a convenient way to change without having to drag everyone to the bathroom with her. And with a cozy hood and generous kangaroo pocket, it’s possible to dry off and keep warm hands-free. (Chances are she’s using them to help someone else anyway.)

Affordable Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day isn’t about spending hundreds of dollars on presents. This is the one day out of the year that is dedicated to families appreciating everything their mom or partner does on a daily basis.

Maybe this sounds cliché, but a thoughtful gift is more sentimental than an expensive present. We moms simply want to know that you are thinking of us and didn’t forget the day that honors every moment we spend parenting, which is basically every second (and yes, we love it!).

This year, you can surprise your mom or love with a phenomenal gift that costs less than $35. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Here’s our curated selection for different kinds of mothers, because let’s be real, there is no one-size-fits-all gift.

Affordable Mother's Day Gifts

Strong As A Mother Trucker Hat

Mother Hats

Strong As A Mother Trucker Hat


She carries her babe with one arm and does everything else with the other. She gives countless piggy backs and swing pushes and can drag a wagon uphill six miles both ways. There’s no one stronger than a mother–and while she doesn’t need a hat to prove it, she absolutely needs this hat from aptly named Mother Hats. The rad trucker style goes with everything and the fit is absolutely impeccable.

Galison Kitty McCall All the Flowers Paint By Number Kit


Kitty McCall All the Flowers Paint By Number Kit


Perfect for an at-home paint and sip sesh, this gorgeous floral paint by number kit will fool anyone into thinking she’s a true artist. Designed by Nigerian-born, UK-based artist, Kitty McCall it’s inspired by the vibrant landscape of her childhood home–and will certainly look stunning on display in your giftee’s as well!

OTOTO Tulip Tea Infuser


Tulip Tea Infuser


Ok, we admit it. We love a good novelty gift–especially one that’s fun and functional. This tulip tea infuser brews the perfect cup and looks oh-so-pretty while she waits.

Drenchbar Neroli + Driftwood In-Shower Lotion Bar


Neroli + Driftwood In-Shower Lotion Bar


She wants to moisturize but can’t wait around to get dressed after? This is absolutely the answer to that scaly dilemma. Just rub it on wet skin right out of the shower and you’ve got blissfully moisturized gams the entire day–without having to deal with the stickiness of lotion. Brilliant! (Also, the neroli driftwood scent is absolutely dreamy.)

W&P Insulated Wine Glass


Insulated Wine Glass


Sipping a beverage in the sun is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our vessel of choice? The W&P Insulated Wine Glass. With a silicone exterior it feels secure in hand, and thanks to the edge-to-edge ceramic coating, it doesn’t give sophisticated beverages that gross metallic taste. Of course it also keeps drinks cold or hot and that terrazzo print? Perfection.

Mission Original Cooling Towel


Original Cooling Towel


Hey hot mama–this one’s for you. (No, like literally hot.) Mission’s innovative cooling towels can be wet with water or sweat then activated with a snap to bring chilly relief almost instantly. They’re perfect for pregnant or nursing moms, beach days or workouts and stay cool for up to two hours with each wet and snap.

Rifle Paper Co. Super Mom Mug

Rifle Paper Co.

Super Mom Mug


Remind her every morning what a Super Mom she is with this fun mug. Of course we love the artwork but the wide gilded handle and rim are what puts it over the top.

copper cow coffee sampler

Copper Cow

Best Brews Latte Sampler


What to put in that mug? A perfectly made latte of course. Copper Cow Coffee brings barista-level treats right to her cabinet with their innovative pour-overs. On a mission to sustainably support and share the vibrant heritage of Vietnamese coffee, Copper Cow’s sampler set includes the best-selling flavors along with individual sweetened condensed milk creamer that creates the perfect drink every time. They’re also ideal for travel and camping since all you need is hot water!

herbivore bath salt


Bath Salts


These blissful bath salts effortlessly combine pink Himalayan sea salt (which infuses bath water with essential, skin-loving nutrients and vitamins) and ylang-ylang and vanilla aromatherapeutic oils for an overall calming experience. The coarse, pale pink salts create an ultimate luxury bath product that any mom will enjoy.

Prima Bath Gem Motherly


CBD Bath Gem


This prized bath bomb contains a luxurious blend of meadowfoam and sunflower seed oil, 25mg of CBD, along with a variety of aromatherapeutic oils. One mom told me that her bath experience was “like a day at the spa for only $16.” CBD can soothe sore muscles, while the lavender and eucalyptus promote relaxation, helping you remain focused and present in the moment.

cora period balm


Period Balm


Let’s face the facts, menstrual cramps and body aches suck. No one likes feeling like crap during the week leading up to their period. This hassle-free stick contains an artful combo of warming agents and essential oils that can soothe pain and discomfort in the areas you need relief most.

everyday oil

Everyday Oil

Body Oil


Body, skin, hair, bath, you name it, this oil can be used on it. It absorbs best when you put it on right out of the shower, but I’m so obsessed with the smell that I use it some mornings even when I’ve skipped the shower. The mainstay blend is a mix of rich cold-pressed plant oils including coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, jojoba and castor oil. Its intoxicating and calming scent comes from a mix of palo santo, lavender, geranium and clary sage but is also available fragrance-free.

P.F. Candle Co. Incense

P.F. Candle Co.



Candles are great, but sometimes you want something a little different. One reliable fave? P.F. Candle Co. incense. It has fabulous throw, infusing a sizable space with scent that’s not smoky at all and lingers for just the right amount of time. Los Angeles is a personal fave, but teakwood and tobacco is a close second!

LoopQuiet White 1 21ff404e 4f4a 4377 9c15 415f8392f5fa 1800x1800 2 Motherly


Quiet Earplugs


Motherhood is nothing if not overstimulating (to say the least.) Designed to reduce ambient noise by 27 dB, the soft silicone Loop Ear Plugs Quiet soften the noise around you just enough to drown out things like traffic, barking dogs, or that 90th episode of Blippy, but not so much you’ll miss a kiddo who needs you in the middle of the night. They come in a handy little case as well!

A version of this article was published April 29, 2021. It has been updated.