It’s Go Time ? — 39 Weeks Pregnant

I make people. What's your superpower? Not only are you (and your baby!) ready to start life on the outside, he's ready for his first meal—and your body's getting ready to feed him! Some breastfeeding mothers get discouraged about how little breast milk they produce during the first few days after delivery, but not to worry. Baby has a little stomach to start out, and has been developing fat stores to help him through the first few days of life while your milk is coming in. You might also find your "nesting"' instinct is kicking in, so use that momentum to put the finishing touches on your nursery and get everything ready for baby to come home. Or just sit there on the couch and don't move until labor starts. We don't judge.

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. Did we mention HOW EXCITED we are for you!? Deep, slow breaths. You're going to meet your baby (so!) soon. You've got this.