You know why I unequivocally do not agree with the old adage, “practice makes perfect”? Because even after shaving my legs for decades, I still did an absolute crap job of it until a few months ago. I’d nick or cut myself at least once every few months, and even if I managed to do it well enough, afterward my legs always felt kind of dry and tight. Shorts season or not, having marked up, itchy and bumpy legs has never been the look I’m going for. So when I ran across the Tiktok famous Tree Hut Shave Oil on a trip to Ulta, I decided to see if it could help my shaving woes.

I won’t keep you in suspense. This stuff is legit. Prior to trying it out, I’d never used a shave oil before. (Quite frankly, I didn’t even know they were a thing.) But since creams, lotions and the occasional shaving bar weren’t doing the trick, it seemed like a reasonable $12.99 experiment. And now that I’m on my second bottle, I’m pretty sure I never want to bother with anything else.

What is the Tree Hut Shave Oil?

Tree Hut’s shave oils are a gel to oil formula that not only moisturize, but also allow your razor to flawlessly glide across your skin. With hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and rose hip oil, they can even be used sans water in a pinch. (Personally, I’ve not tried this but according to TikTok, it’s possible.) And because they’re free from alcohol, parabens and sulfates they haven’t irritated my sometimes sensitive skin in the least.

As far as packaging, they come in a plastic slim pump bottle which is arguably the easiest format for such products to be delivered. A single pump is basically enough for one entire gam, which means it also lasts a pretty long time.

Tree Hut Shave Oil Scents

And here’s where my inner teenage girl comes out. I’m a little scent obsessed, so unlike regular shave creams which are usually uninteresting, I love that this one offers options. Currently the Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil comes in Moroccan Rose (a super feminine floral that isn’t exactly rosey to me), Coconut Lime (instant vacay vibes and perfect for summer), Vanilla (warm, delicious), Tropic Glow (which is sometimes called a dupe for Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62, a salted caramel, pistachio, and vanilla sensation), and Watermelon (pretty spot on but a little too sweet IMO). The scent definitely lingers a bit but isn’t so strong that it overpowers any other personal fragrances like perfume or body sprays. That said, if you’re a fragrance-free girlie or sensitive to scent, this one may not be for you. (They really should have a fragrance-free version!)

Is this a life changing product? No. It’s shave oil. But I will say this: I haven’t nicked or cut myself a single time since I’ve started using it, and definitely notice a closer shave than I’d been getting. And although I’m a moisturizing fanatic and always apply lotion or body oil after showering, I’ve noticed that my legs don’t feel as tight and dry when I first towel off after shaving. While I used to kind of dread the whole ordeal, Tree Hut Shave Oil makes the experience just a little more enjoyable.

Now the only thing I have to do is figure out how to shave my knees.