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Did you know we now offer digital classes? From breastfeeding to potty training, from taming tantrums to solving your picky eater dilemma – we’ve got you, mama!

If you have a picky eater, you’re probably used to power struggles at mealtime. In this class, you’ll learn the most common sources of power struggles, and gain the strategies needed to prevent mealtime meltdowns to have peace around food as a family

mom breastfeeding a baby using a boppy

Welcome to the best breastfeeding class for new and expectant parents! Rebecca Ellison’s essential research-based, expert-taught, comprehensive class is full of realistic and practical tips given in a non-judgmental approach


Poppy Child’s dynamic class features both video and audio content to help you navigate pregnancy and birth. From what choices to make, to how to manage pain in labor, you’ll be given everything you need to know to have an incredible birth experience.


Support for the entire birth experience, from preparation to postpartum.


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