Like most parents in this modern day and age, we post our childrens’ fundraisers to our social media, and Chrissy Teigen did what any of us would do—shared her daughter’s Girl Scout  Cookie sale on her Instagram. She’s receiving some backlash, however, because unlike Teigen, we aren’t famous and have unlimited funds and rich friends to donate to the cause. Though many parents will find some similarities with Teigen when it comes to raising a child. 

On Feb. 2, Teigen shared a video announcing the start of her daughter Luna’s troop’s annual cookie sale. But at least it was of her daughter and not Teigen doing all the work for her, right? 

The video begins with 7-year-old Luna, saying, “Hey guys, it’s Luna! I’m a Girl Scout Brownie and guess what? It’s cookie season. So, if you want to buy cookies, you’re in the right place!”

Teigen captioned the video, “My own daughter is now in the cookie selling game!” along with ways for her almost 43 million followers to buy cookies from Luna. 

While Blippi commented, “So exciting!” Many others were not as pleased, saying that folks should focus on their local troops or supporting troops with less opportunities. “Okay, sort of hate this though. Maybe link the whole wide internet to a low-income girl scout who isn’t already totally hooked up to sell all the cookies,” one person commented. 

Another said, “Why on earth are you asking your followers for this? You’re a millionaire and some people can’t even afford to live right now. I’m really disappointed to see this.” And another disgruntled viewer suggested, “Just a thought, don’t forget the scouts standing at grocery stores selling their hearts out, that don’t have this advantage.”

Others were more supportive of Teigen and Luna’s initiative. “I’m just saying y’all can hate all y’all want, but she’s teaching this young girl how to hustle on her own not depending on her parents to pick up the slack! Goooo Luna!” one fan said. 

And another commenter made a very good point about awareness of the Girl Scouts and their cookie sales. “Entering the argument. As someone who hasn’t bought GS cookies in years, Luna’s video reminded me that maybe I should buy them to support my local troop. If I don’t want to eat them I can easily give them to someone who will.”

“So to everyone who’s upset, know that Luna’s video is reaching those of us who don’t typically buy the cookies and is now reserving space in our brains that we should support our adorable local troops when they ask us to buy,” she said.

One commenter went as far as sharing the Girl Scout pledge with her affirming comment, as she is a former Girl Scout herself. “As a former Girl Scout, I love how supportive you are as parents. I think a lot of people are choosing to focus on your celebrity status. The fact of the matter is, you could just as easily have only put her into acting classes, piano or vocal lessons, and something career-oriented, not something that gives back to the community.”

She continued, “I’m proud to see supportive, involved parents utilizing their resources for the greater good of their community. It’s a matter of perspective. This is mine:

I will do my best to be

honest and fair,

friendly and helpful,

considerate and caring,

courageous and strong,

and responsible for what I say and do,

and to respect myself and others,

respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place,

and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Hopefully Teigen’s post, though some would argue was tone-deaf, will bring awareness to the organization and inspire them to sponsor and support their local Girl Scout Troops. 

According to the official Girl Scouts website, the Girl Scout Cookie program provides ways for the girls to “learn, grow, and thrive through the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world.” 

“From learning how to interact with customers to creating budgets and taking orders, the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches Girl Scouts invaluable skills that they’ll need to succeed throughout their lives,” the website noted.

Per the website, “The Girl Scout Cookie Program provides opportunities for Girl Scouts to practice and develop their entrepreneurial skills, giving them an edge compared to their non-member peers, according to a study by the Girl Scouts.”

Additionally, the website explained that cookie sales “is a critical source of funding for Girl Scout councils to deliver essential programming to troops and is often what makes it possible to reach girls in underserved areas and maintain camps and properties.”