There are family costumes and there are FAMILY COSTUMES, and Donald Faison and his daughter are firmly parked in the latter camp. Sorry to everyone else, even all the celebrities with a limitless costume budget, but these two have officially won Halloween.

In an Instagram post shared earlier today, Faison shared photos of his Halloween costume, which pays homage to his character, Murray, from “Clueless.” And while he doesn’t look a day older than a virgin who can’t drive, it’s his daughter’s get-up that really, truly nails the whole thing.

In the photo, Faison reprises the role of Murray and his daughter, Wilder, is the spitting image of Faison’s on-screen love interest, Dionne. Stacy Dash WHO? Because Wilder Faison is killin’ it.

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Though, it must be said that this isn’t the first time Wilder has nailed the whole costume thing:

Back in 2019 for the film’s 25th anniversary, Faison shared his insight into the success of “Clueless” and why it still resonates with fans today.

“I think [the movie] still stands the test of time. It still transcends to the audiences nowadays,” Faison said at the time.

Last year on “Build Series” Faison admitted that at the time the movie premiered, he wasn’t sure anyone would actually go and see it—which, fair. But we’re so glad he was wrong!

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“Nobody’s ever going to see a silly movie where we’re talking really weird. What the heck is a Baldwin? You know what I mean? And I remember [producer] Adam Schroeder saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to be a hit.’ And me looking at him like, ‘This movie?!’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, this movie’s going to be really huge.’”

Obviously the movie’s success is indisputable, especially since Faison’s daughter is proving it stands the test of time (and coolness) for generations to come!