Ageism and sexism go hand in hand—that’s nothing new. But it’s always surprising to see ageism in all its misogynistic glory, which is exactly what happened when a website shared photos of Hilary Duff, who is 35, and acted like she’s a withering pile of 19th-century leather.

Let’s back up a bit, shall we? In a seemingly complimentary and otherwise totally innocent tweet, website The Daily Loud shared photos of Hilary Duff wearing a bathing suit. The images came from her recent spread in Women’s Health Australia—and she looks fantastic.

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The problem, however, is that The Daily Loud did acknowledge this. But they also said she looked “great” for her age. Which is, once again, 35. Not 105.

Apparently 35 is an age for women where, if we have the superhero bravery to don a bathing suit at all let alone in public, we should be congratulated for not looking like an exhumed corpse.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that ageism is a societal scourge that primarily exists to make women feel like absolute crap about themselves. The beauty industrial complex, notorious for oppressing women, is responsible for endless time, energy, and money spent by young girls and women as they try to conform to whatever image of ideal beauty is en vogue at any given moment. Celebrities perpetuate this harm but are also victims of it themselves. It’s an endless cycle of superficiality that bears no weight to who women really are at their core and also prevents women from discovering who they are and what they value through fulfillment and enrichment.

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And tweets like this one are just one tiny part of the eternal problem, but it’s fun to watch things like this get roasted, so—yeah. Let’s dive into the best responses.

Brilliant responses to such an inane statement. The truth is, even if she didn’t look the way she looks and had—GASP—a crease or two around the eyes and mouth, she’d still be beautiful and not worthy of scorn.

Wake me up when someone posts a photo of Harry Styles in a bathing suit and says he “still looks great” for 28.