As she prepares to welcome baby number four, Hilary Duff’s husband, Matthew Koma, is chronicling his vasectomy on Instagram, and it’s the comic relief you need in the middle of your week.

On Monday, Koma began sharing photos ahead of the procedure, his excitement evident every step of the way. “It’s vasectomy day!!!!!!” he captioned a car selfie, along with a “vasectomy fit check” mirror selfie for good measure.

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He even asked the urologist if he’d “ever worked on something this small,” with the doctor assuaging his worries. Then, he shared a mirror selfie with his hospital wardrobe on, joking that he’d taken a Valium and was “feeling hyped.”

From his bed, the musician shared another selfie, writing, “It’s honestly not bad at all. Like better than going to the set dentist for sure.”

After the procedure was complete, he shared yet another selfie—this time, he donned only underwear and his bandaging beneath. He seemed to have a great experience overall, noting that he “10/10 would recommend” and joking about the glory of the relaxing meds he’d gotten.

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Other Kodak moments shared by Koma: a photo of Duff (his “hot nurse”) in the car and a Ziploc bag of frozen peas labeled “Daddy’s nuts.” The musician then used the rest of his time off to binge-watch the latest season of Love Is Blind, which captivated his attention for several hours, until he left to “play a show with some friends with an ice pack on my testicles.” But before he did that, he took the opportunity to send several DMs to LIB contestants (and President Joe Biden to ask if he’d been watching), even FaceTiming Johnny McIntyre to discuss the wonders of vasectomies.

All jokes aside, big props to Koma for helping to normalize vasectomies, as well as reminding other men that it’s not all that bad. (And honestly, it seems sort of… fun?) It seems like he had minimal pain—which is not the experience most women have during any kind of reproductive procedure, let’s be real—and an NBD recovery time, which could certainly help ease others’ worries who might be afraid to get it done themselves.

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Here’s hoping the remainder of his recovery is smooth and that more men consider getting the procedure done when it’s the right time for them. Spending a day in bed watching Love Is Blind sounds like an absolute dream if you ask us.