No matter how rich and famous you are, sisters are going to give each other crap and take any chance they can get to rag on each other. What started as an innocuous silly photo that was posted by Khloé Kardashian turned into an Instagram war of jabs between Kim and Khloe. All over a pair of shoes on a couch.

Khloé posted a video of her 16-month-old son Tatum and her 5-year-old daughter True on their sofa. While True was watching her tablet with headphones on, Tatum was doing as toddlers do, fumbling around on the sofa next to her—and he was wearing sneakers. Kim immediately called out Khloé for her “hypocrisy.” 

Apparently, Khloé is quite anti-shoes on the sofa, as evidenced by Kim’s harassment. 

“WOW WOW WOW what a hypocrite @khloekardashian is!!!! I want to see if anyone knows why???” she wrote on her Instagram on the reposted video. Then Kim posted subsequent stories zooming in closer and closer to Tatum’s shoes on the couch. 

Following these stories, Kim posted clips from articles where she herself was criticized for putting her shoes on the couch—by Khloé. Kim also took to citing different scenes from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, including one where Khloé yells at her for putting her shoes on the couch.

Khloé wasn’t going to let Kim get away with this. She responded, “OMG you are insane! lol!”

Khloé also made sure Kim knew Tatum’s shoes were just fine being on the couch. “These are brand new shoes, lady! You’re sick.” 

And she wasn’t done. On one of the close-ups, that Kim posted, Khloé added, “Brand f—- new!!!”

It’s fun to see the incredibly rich and famous have a sense of humor and berate each other as sisters tend to do. You can see more of  their antics on Hulu where you can stream The Kardashians and all of their other reality TV series spin-offs.