Mandy Moore is a renowned pop star, actor, and new mom, but did you also know she’s an amateur mountain climber? Yep, she sure is. And in her most recent Instagram Story, she’s sharing exactly how her mountain climbing adventures have changed since the birth of her son, August, in February.

Back in 2019, Moore successfully completed her trek into Mount Everest’s Base Camp, which sits 17,600 feet above sea level. You may know Mt. Everest as the Nepal mountain that also just happens to be the world’s tallest mountain—so it’s no easy feat, to be sure.

Her current adventure is unfolding at Mt. Baker, also known as Koma Kulshan, in Washington state. Mt. Baker is a 10,781 ft active glacier-covered active volcano. Uh-huh.

That’s also no easy feat for anyone, but this breastfeeding mama shows us how it’s done.

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And because she’s just an all-around champ, Moore didn’t try to disguise how difficult and exhausting that type of climb is—particularly when someone is already exhausted from having an infant. But she handles it like the boss she is, and even shared some amazing photos of her journey—and yes, she pumped breastmilk on that active volcano because that’s all part of #momlife

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And more pumping, because her boobs (and her off-mountain baby) didn’t get the memo that she’s adventuring.

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More pumping! Baby Gus has to eat!

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There’s normalizing breastfeeding and there’s normalizing breastfeeding while taking part in an adrenalin-filled volcano climb. Both deserve a round of applause, tbh.

Back in 2019, Moore reflected on her Everest experience:

“It’s impossible to be lucky enough to arrive at the foot of these mammoth peaks and not be attuned to the palpable energy of all of those who came before and lost their lives in these mountains,” she wrote.

After her nightmare travel experience earlier this month, Moore deserves a fun-filled adventure like this one. Bravo and thanks for showing us all that breastfeeding can (and should) be done anywhere and everywhere.