Elementary school students throughout Cincinnati are making incredibly sweet get-well cards for Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills player who is currently recovering from cardiac arrest after Monday night’s game against the Bengals.

Sarah Taylor, the wife of Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, spearheaded the card-writing campaign at the school where the couple’s children attend—Cardinal Pacelli School—and now more than 40 schools are participating in sending their well-wishes to Hamlin.

The handwritten cards and notes will be delivered to Hamlin’s hospital on Jan. 6, according to Local12 WKRC-TV anchor and reporter Meghan Mongillo.

“This is just one example of how this tragic event happened, but so much positivity has come from it,” Cardinal Pacelli school principal Terri Cento tells ESPN.

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During the Jan. 2 game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, 24-year-old Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field after being tackled by a Bengals player. Medical staff performed CPR on Hamlin for more than nine minutes before he was transported to a local hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

According to an update shared on Thursday, Hamlin is conscious and showing “remarkable improvement.”

It was reported that Hamlin’s brain function has not been impaired, and he even inquired about who won Monday night’s game.

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“We’ve talked to him about all the support that’s been given from Cincinnati, Buffalo and really all across the country, for him and his family during this time,” said Dr. Timothy Pritts, division chief of general surgery at University of Cincinnati Health during a press conference earlier this week.

“His mom and dad have talked to him about what has happened, and we expect that we’ll continue to have ongoing conversations with him. We know that it’s not only that the lights are on, we know that he’s home.”