Though Princess Kate and Prince William may be real royalty, they were kind of upstaged by a little princess in her own right this week during a working event for the couple.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were on a visit to Scarborough, England, in support of young people’s mental health. William and Kate spoke with a trio of groups that stand to receive funding from The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales and Britain’s Two Ridings Community Foundation.

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During a speech given by William, a little girl named Callie Rose, who was adorable dressed as a princess, sweetly interrupted him and walked right up to the couple—and their reaction is priceless!

“Look at you in that sparkly dress!” Prince William said as he knelt down to her level. Kate Middleton also spent time with little Callie, who was so proud to show off a gorgeous floral bouquet to the princess.

Both William and Kate were making an appearance to see how funding would have a notable impact on the area of Scarborough. The royals als met with people who’ve taken advantage of similar community organizations to see how those groups can assist those in need in the community.

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Though the royal appearance definitely had some laughs and some cute, off-script moments, Prince William‘s words

“For Catherine and I, the legacy of today, bringing people together and collaborating, showing what can be done when a community helps together collaboratively is really something we’d like to follow on and I hope can be represented more widely across the country,” William said (right before Princess Callie interrupted). “So you’re leading where I hope others will follow. Thank you and well done for making it all happen today.”