Pretty much anyone who’s seen an episode of “The Golden Girls” has dreamed of living the retirement lifestyle with their besties, Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia. But one toddler is actually living out our dreams—and going absolutely viral on TikTok for it. 20-month-old Evelyn Mae recently got a Betty White-inspired haircut and blowout from her hairdresser grandma, who documented it on TikTok. It blew up, and now the toddler is internet-famous and her mom and grandma are having a blast sharing videos of her having Golden Girls-esque adventures with her new look.

“We were just having fun blowing out Evie’s hair and then boom, we get millions of views,” Evelyn’s mom, Autumn Mathas, told People magazine. “It just came out of nowhere — I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, it’s so crazy.”

Both Mathas and her mom, Evelyn’s grandmother, Trina King are hairdressers, and “we cannot help ourselves but to do her hair,” Mathas said. “She was born with quite a bit of it.”

The first video to go viral showed Evelyn in the salon, fresh after getting his curly ‘do blown out. It was set to the iconic “Golden Girls” theme song — and got over a million views.

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“The way babies’ hair grows is almost identical to the same haircut you would do on a Betty White,” Mathas said. “So that was our inspiration to do the blowout, because I was like, her hair is identical to an older lady’s haircut, let’s see if we can make it into that type of hairstyle. And that’s how it started.”

Since the first video took off, Mathas has posted more videos of Evelyn with her new look — and started a series that shows her living her best life as a toddler retiree.

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The videos are a huge hit with “Golden Girls” fans—and pretty much the entire internet, because is there anything cuter than a toddler who looks like a senior citizen?!

And if you’re wondering what we’re wondering, Mathas explained that getting Evelyn to sit still for hair styling sessions has never been difficult.

“We have been working up her tolerance to having to sit and get her hair done for prolonged periods of time since she was really little,” she said. “So she doesn’t really know any different but to behave.”