When I was expecting my first baby, it was hard enough to imagine the day he would smile for the first time, try solid foods or start walking—let alone anything to come after that. All I could see in my immediate future was a lot of snuggles and a nearly equal amount of diaper changes. But, lo and behold, it was as if I blinked and my firstborn was three years old with two younger siblings.

That’s why, now that I’m an “experienced” mama, my best advice for anyone just setting out on this beautiful journey is to think long-term when creating a baby registry. 

Look ahead to when your newborn grows into the next size of clothes (and the next and the next)…

Look ahead to when they’re ready to join you at the dinner table in their high chair…

Look ahead to when you need to convert the crib into a toddler bed…

Believe it or not, these sweet milestone moments are in the not too distant future—so anticipating what’s to come while you’re building your baby registry can be such a help. And, even if you don’t have a crystal ball handy, creating your baby registry with Target is a great way to prepare for what’s to come.

When you register with Target, not only do you get a great selection of baby essentials across all price points, but you can also tap into Target’s Year of Benefits. The benefits start as soon as you register with a Free Welcome Kit valued at over $100 that’s filled with samples and coupons. Then, Target makes it fun and easy for you to create your baby registry and for friends and family members to shop for your perfect gift. And, as your due date approaches, you’ll get two 15% off coupons to buy anything that remains on your baby registry. (You can use one coupon online and one in stores.)

But, here’s the best part: The deals from Target continue for 12 full months after your baby arrives. With exclusive discounts that are loaded into your free Target Circle account, you can continue to save on all those essentials that are sure to pop up throughout the year, like the next size of diapers, your baby’s first solid foods or baby sunscreen when you’re planning playground trips. 

It’s like Target is looking long-term for expectant parents—and looking out for us, too. With one year of free returns or exchanges, you can even confidently have the right item for your baby at the right time. For example, say your baby went through a big growth spurt at the start of winter and you only registered for a smaller size. Just swap out your baby’s unused sweaters and jackets for the right size to keep them warm. 

When I suggest looking long-term, I don’t just mean with the baby on the way. If you’re hoping to expand your family further in the future, it’s wise to register for products that can accommodate your growing family (like a double stroller!) or can get passed down to younger siblings (like gender-neutral clothes!). 

Even if you want to take things one step at time, Target’s baby registry is open to any expectant parent. That means you can create another registry for your second, third or even tenth baby and still enjoy the same Year of Benefits perks. 

Perhaps the most unexpected part of parenting is just how quickly roles changed and I’m now the one saying “how fast it all goes.” Although time does seem to take on a new pace as a parent, it’s worth adding that those days, months and years were filled with so many precious memories. So, even as you look long-term, be sure to treasure the special moments of each day, too. You’ve got this, mama!

Learn more about Target’s Year of Benefits and create your baby registry today… There’s a Free Welcome Kit with your name on it.