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Finding balance as a new mom

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There are countless milestones from the early days of parenthood that I will forever cherish. There are the big ones, of course: when my tiny baby was placed in my arms for the first time, when we brought him home from the hospital, when we introduced
him to grandparents and so on.

But, there are also the little moments that seem to define that wonderful, emotional time even more to me—like the first time
we used our BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One. It’s not an experience that I’ve ever had a reason to recount to friends. Still, it meant something to me because it symbolized “the new normal,” one where I would gradually learn to balance taking care of my baby, my home and myself.

In this case, I was alone in the house with my new baby for the very first time. I didn’t really have a clue how to balance #momlife with the life I had known before. All I knew was that I wanted to keep my baby close to me, while also preparing the house for our soon-to-arrive visitors. As I easily buckled on my BABYBJÖRN carrier, adjusted the straps myself, gently put my baby in place and proceeded to clean up, I was also making the statement to myself that I could do it. (Without helping hands, to boot!)

And, you know what? I could do it. In the nearly six years since then, I’ve encountered some much bigger challenges than tidying up while also taking care of a baby.

Baby carrier harmony silver 3d mesh

“Every time a new baby joined the family, my BABYBJÖRN carrier helped my bigger kids (and myself) carry on with the activities that mean so much to us.”

These days, it’s hard to catch my busy kids in a hug for more than a few seconds. But that’s fine, really. From the beginning, I always hoped that my family would enjoy being active, spending time together and finding adventures—
which is exactly what the BABYBJÖRN carrier helped us do from the earliest days.

While my baby-wearing days may be fading, I couldn’t recommend it any more wholeheartedly to new moms and dads. Even though every new mama’s journey is going to be different, I know this to be true: Sometimes the best thing to do is hold your baby close and say “we’ve got this.”

Take a closer look at the Baby Carrier Harmony from BABYBJÖRN.

“I wanted to keep my baby close to me.”

baby carrier harmony silver 3d mesh babybjorn

However, by approaching each challenge with the same “we can figure this out together” spirit, we have always been able to find solutions—with a favorite solution being my beloved baby carrier. As my husband and I went on to have a total of three kids in three and a half years, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One has seen countless hours of use, miles of walking and sweet snuggles. Oh, and lots of drool, which made me very grateful that the BABYBJÖRN carriers are machine-washable!

With multiple baby carrier options from BABYBJÖRN, every family can find the carrier that is right for them—especially with the new BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Harmony in the line-up. The Baby Carrier Harmony combines all of the best baby carrier qualities, such as easy-to-use straps, a fit suitable for all body types, breathable material and more. Better yet, the four ergonomic, hip-healthy carrying positions make it a great ride for newborn through 3-year-olds.

My infants seemed to be happiest when they were cozied up beside me in the super-soft carrier, while I appreciated that I never felt overheated thanks to the breathable material—something that is further improved on with the Baby Carrier Harmony’s 3D mesh structure. I also loved the comfortable wide, cushioned straps and pressure-reducing waist belt of the BABYBJÖRN carrier. Whether I was carrying a newborn or using it as a toddler carrier to give a bigger kid a lift up a steep hiking trail, I could find a carrying position that worked for my kids and myself.

By supporting our existing lifestyle instead of making us come to a complete pause every time a new baby joined the family, my BABYBJÖRN carrier helped my bigger kids (and myself) carry on with the activities that mean so much to us, like playing at the playground or me getting some 1-on-1 bonding time with the new baby during an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

As a new mom who also liked to feel like her “old self” on occasion, it was also such a gift that the baby carrier could easily be adapted to fit my husband so I could get a little breather. Since I was the one doing the baby feeding and spending most of the time at home, he found that wearing our babies during family walks was a great bonding opportunity for him.

baby carrier harmony navy blue 3d mesh babybjorn

“Sometimes the best thing to do is hold your baby close and say “we’ve got this.”

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