Ingredients to make every bite count

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For growing kids, little bites can make a big impact. Thoughtfully selected ingredients can give their brains and bodies the best fuel—while making taste buds happy! These powerhouse ingredients prove that nutritious can be extremely delicious, too.


This kid-favorite fruit is also a winner in the health benefits department. Loaded with Vitamin C and prebiotic fiber, apple aids in digestion.

Fruit & Veggie Blend

Filled with nourishing avocado, superfood spinach, chia seeds and delicious fruits, this pouch makes eating veggies as delicious as can be!
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The healthy fats in avocado help with vitamin absorption and brain health. Yes, you can eat your way to better cognitive function!


With a little sweetness and a lot of iron, beets are a great way to add some veggies to your little one’s diet.

Plant-Rich Meal

With superfood faves and a delightful addition of coconut milk, this mix makes for one mighty meal. Puree, mash or use as finger food to encourage self-feeding… It’s satisfying any way it’s served!
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Red Bell Pepper

Filled with iron as well as a healthy dose of Vitamin C, bell peppers are as nutritious as they are satisfying.


These little berries pack a lot of antioxidant power! With Vitamin C for developing immune systems and the ability to fight off free radicals, blueberries will be a favorite for kids and parents.

Advanced Nutrition Blend

Made with an optimal balance of micro- and macronutrients to support your growing baby, this refrigerated fruit and veggie blend is First 1,000 Day Promise certified by the Clean Label Project and will satisfy their taste buds—while helping you feel confident they are getting the best nutrition.
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This dark, leafy green does wonders for the body on multiple levels—from helping with eyesight to strengthening immune systems and more.


If you think the vibrant color of mango is a good clue that it’s filled with vitamins, you’re right! With Vitamin A and Vitamin B-6, mango supports the development of bodies and brains.

Navy Beans

These legumes are loaded with B vitamins, fiber and protein, which makes them up to the task of nourishing active, growing bodies.


This veggie blends well with other flavors to deliver a great dose of brain-building zinc and bone-boosting calcium.