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Insurance covered breast pumps: What you need to know

By Emily Glover, sponsored by

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When I was preparing to welcome my first baby, I felt pretty confident when it came to selecting the right stroller, baby swing and crib. But, when I began to search for a breast pump, I was overwhelmed by options—and rattled by the market prices. I knew that an effective breast pump was essential for my goals as a new mom, but finding and paying for one while all the other items on my pre-baby to-do list piled up was daunting.

I heard through a friend that my health insurance should cover the breast pump cost. Still, even that idea seemed to present more problems than it solved: How could I find a breast pump insurance covers that’s right for me—without devoting hours upon hours to sorting out the details on the phone with my insurance company?

Mom breastfeeding

“Edgepark turns a complicated experience into a five-minute task”

Enter: Edgepark Breast Pumps. By simplifying the process of how to find out what type of breast pump is covered by insurance, Edgepark turns a complicated experience into a five-minute task. Offering breast pump options from the top-rated brands and working with more than 1,800 insurance plans, Edgepark makes it simple and efficient for moms-to-be to qualify for (and actually get their hands on) a breast pump that’s fully covered.

If you’re expecting a baby, skip the stressful process of finding the right breast pump with these steps. (Take it from me—it’s a much better way!)

Explore types of breast pumps

With models from the best breast pump brands—like Medela, Freemie, Spectra and more—you don’t have to sacrifice your needs when finding an insurance covered breast pump through Edgepark. Things to consider as you make your choice: How does it fit? How portable is it? How effective is it? How easy is it to clean? How long is the warranty—and what does it cover?

Still, especially for new parents, all of those options can be challenging to sort through. When I was looking into breast pump options, it felt like the guides were written in Greek. What did I know about open or closed systems? How could I tell what size breast shield was right? Unlike pushing a stroller, I didn’t exactly have practice with breast pumps in advance.

Again, here’s where Edgepark excels at simplifying the process. Through the digital Breast Pump Product Guide, moms-to-be can weigh their options and hone in on the breast pump that suits their needs. The guide even explains how to pump!

Find out what breast pump is covered by your insurance

On the list of ways I like to spend my time, calling my insurance company is clear down at the bottom. So, when I have a chance to completely bypass that step, it’s cause for celebration. By serving as the middleman between insurance companies and breast pump suppliers, Edgepark handles the hassle.

Instead of waiting on hold with the insurance company, all you need to do is fill out a form on the Edgepark website with your address and insurance provider. Then, pick your breast pump from the comprehensive list, share a few more details about your pregnancy and submit the order. Edgepark takes it from there by verifying your insurance, contacting your healthcare provider to collect a prescription on your behalf and shipping the breast pump right to your doorstep at no cost.

Place an order anytime during pregnancy

When dealing with insurance companies, there always seem to be hoops to jump through.

mom using breastpump in bed

“Edgepark’s dedicated breast pump specialists are available to help”

In the case of breast pumps, many companies won’t allow expectant parents to place an order until their due date is just weeks away.

With Edgepark, however, you can use the convenient online form to make your selection at any point during pregnancy (or up to one year afterward). You may not receive the order until your insurance company gives the green light—but you don’t have to take up precious mental space trying not to forget while waiting to complete the task. Meaning you can stop stressing and get back to enjoying your pregnancy.

See if you qualify for an insurance-covered breast pump and explore your options through Edgepark’s website.

And if you still have any unanswered questions, Edgepark’s dedicated breast pump specialists are available to help—even after you receive your pump.