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The ParentPal App is taking the guesswork out of your baby’s development

By Justine LoMonaco, sponsored by

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One of the first things you learn as a new mother to a tiny person is there’s a lot more going on in that little brain than meets the eye. Yes, of course there’s the budding personality, sense of humor and innate desire to cause a little mischief. But beyond even what ultimately rises to the surface, each new milestone (or lack thereof) often means a swarm of questions and insecurities for a freshly minted mama.
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Because, the thing is, 80% of the brain is developed by age three. Meaning parents have just three short years to support critical baby brain development—while also creating lasting bonds through play and meaningful interaction. That’s a lot of pressure, right?

Fortunately, we’re not in it alone. Meet ParentPal, a genius app from Teaching Strategies and the creators of Baby Einstein, that is designed to help you support, track and celebrate your baby’s development. Unlike other apps that might simply tell you where your child should be developmentally, ParentPal takes a “whole parenting approach” to encouraging and monitoring milestones.

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“80% of the brain is developed by age three”

On top of letting you know what to expect at every turn, the app also provides features that let you (or your child’s caregiver) record events and activities for a simple way to track their day. Instead of panicked online searches to find out what’s “normal,” you’ll feel confident and empowered in knowing how to meet your child where they are. There’s even a Memory Book feature to store photos and videos of those “first did it!” milestone moments. And, trust me—you’ll want to remember those!

Plus, for any parent who has ever wondered how exactly to stimulate their child’s development through play, ParentPal can help. Their app’s library features 3,500+ expert-recommended, age-appropriate activity suggestions, songs, interactive language cards, eBooks and videos meant to create rich experiences through the power of play. Simply log in to your account every morning for a daily recommendation for your child, and use the trackers and diary feature to record any details you want to remember for the day. (Because, really, don’t you have enough to remember on your own?)

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Maybe we’ll never know every single thing that goes on in our children’s minds. (Or why they thought it was a good idea to dump that whole bowl of cereal on the ground.) But with ParentPal, you’ll know one thing for sure: You absolutely can support your baby’s unique developmental journey and enjoy the process of discovery with them!

“ParentPal takes a 'whole parenting approach' to encouraging and monitoring milestones."

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