If you're a parent of one child you have probably had those days and thought, “How in the world do people do this all over again?" Sure, you're in extra demand and extra tired but think of all the benefits of having double the cuddles, kisses and cuteness.

Turns out, having two or more kids comes with plenty of pluses—like these 9.

1. Been there, done that.

You know what to expect. You have a lot of the “gear" already, and feel more prepared. You probably can still remember most of what happened with baby number one, too. (We're not making any promises.)

2. It's actually less stressful. ✌️

Or so this study says. In fact, parents with four or more kids are the least stressed out of all of us. Our theory is because there's just no time to worry.

3. You always have company.

If one child isn't wanting you, then the other child most likely is. If you hate feeling lonely, then adding another one is a sure fire way to feel needed. You can always count on one of your kiddos to want a hug, cuddle, or kiss.

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4. You get an equal arm workout.

No time for the gym? No worries. Your arms get a more even workout and muscle definition when you have two kids to carry all day long. This counts, right?

5. You are more confident in your parenting skills.

You've already most likely made a few parenting mistakes and, hey, child one is still doing great! So, more likely than not, you're be able to take what you've learned and at least attempt to apply the same rules to number two.

Whether or not baby number two accepts these methods is an entirely different story.

6. A friend for life. ❤️

Sure, they also fight, but there will be moments when they do play together and you can actually enjoy a silent moment (or up to an hour in some instances!) while they play. When they grow up they will always have someone they can count on.

7. Their clothes are now worth the investment.

All those cute baby outfits that never saw the light of day the first time? Well, now you have a second chance! (This will keep us from spending more money on clothes, right?....)

8. They learn how to socialize + share. ⚽

They don't really have a choice. They have to learn to share mommy's time, to wait their turn and to share their toys. They always have a partner around to practice with.

9. They learn to negotiate. ☮

Some call it 'conflict resolution', but in our case, it's more like the kids have learned to be smarter, tougher and more resourceful to get what they want. Whether this means using persuasion, bribery (“I get to watch my movie but you can sit beside me") or full out wrestling matches, it seems to be working.

A version of this article was previously published on Babyology.