Every week, we stock the Motherly Shop with innovative and fresh products from brands we feel good about. We want to be certain you don’t miss anything, so to keep you in the loop, we’re providing a cheat sheet. So, what’s new this week?

Esembly Baby : Modern cloth diapering that makes it easy (and stylish)

Leave it to mamas to figure out a cloth diapering system that not only takes the stress out but brings style and sustainability in. With everything they learned from their previous cloth diaper laundering business, which provided service to hundreds of parents in NYC who didn’t want to schlep dirty diapers to the laundromat, they’ve created a reusable cloth diapering system that gives you the tools to diaper simply and sustainably, regardless of where you live. They’re committed to sustainably grown, low-impact, high-quality ingredients and responsible manufacturing and we have to say, it looks gorgeous too.

Yogasleep : Soothing sounds for a good night’s sleep

Since 1962, Yogasleep products have centered on the promise of real, natural and restorative sleep. (Yes, please.) Their small but powerful noise-canceling natural sound machines replicate the constant “whirring” of an air conditioner or fan in a convenient, portable unit. Not only are they hand-assembled in Wilmington, North Carolina, but they’re built to last for decades. (Fingers crossed your not-so-little baby is sleeping through the night by then. 😉)

Anook Athletics : Innovative (and comfy!) maternity + postpartum workout gear

Founded in Austin by a prenatal yoga teacher and mama, Anook Athletics was founded to offer women the mother-based support that is lacking in our communities. Their line of mama-first workout clothes are designed to provide mamas with innovative clothing that supports their bodies from their first prenatal yoga class to running after a thriving toddler.

Not sure where to start? Here’s what we’re adding to our cart:

Outer diaper cover

Esembly baby outer diaper cover They might be made to catch poop, but they’re the most adorable poop catchers we’ve ever seen. Esembly’s colorful, waterproof diaper covers can be paired with an absorbent Esembly Inner for a blowout-proof diaper, or used on its own as a reusable swim diaper.

Wipe up wash + foamer bottle kit

Esembly wipe up + wash foamer bottle kit This hydrating, no-rinse cleanser is the new baby wipe. Paired with Esembly’s reusable cloths , it’s modern, sustainable diaper changing at its finest.

Washing powder for reusable diapers

Esembly washing powder Esembly has taken the guesswork out of every aspect of cloth diapering. Their clean rinsing, ph-balanced detergent is specially formulated to be gentle on baby skin and powerful on cloth diapers.

Dohm Connect sound machine

Yogasleep dohm connect sound machine Sleep is elusive enough. Finding the right tools for your family to get more of it shouldn’t be. The brilliant Dohm Connect features Yogasleep’s fan-based natural white noise paired with smart home technology, for a proven noise-masking experience that you can control. Adjust the volume to suit your environment—via the app or on the machine itself—then sit back, relax and let the ZZZs come to you. It can also help set sleep schedules and make wake-ups as soothing as possible. (Sorry, it can’t help with the unplanned 2 am wake-ups. It would if it could, we suspect.)

Hushh compact sound machine

Hushh compact sound machine Hushh Compact Sound Machine One of the best things about babies is their enviable ability to sleep just about anywhere. Well, some babies anyway. For littles that need the scene set just right or for an extra layer of quiet while out and about, Hushh lets you take control of the sound environment, masking background noise and providing bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, no matter where you are.

Ruby tank top

Anook ruby tank Ruby Tank From the first days of showing to the leaky boob days of the fourth trimester, this sleek tank is ready to rock. Luckily it comes in four fresh colors to rotate.

Poppy short leggings

Anook Athletics poppy short leggings Workouts, errands, Netflix binges. Up to you, mama. These leggings will support you through all of it (and come equipped with an antimicrobial lining!).

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