Children's Cancer Research Fund

Children's Cancer Research Fund is a national nonprofit supporting the research of bright scientists across the country whose ideas are making the greatest impact for children fighting cancer. They also fund resources and programs that help families who are fighting cancer stay strong, find community and take care of themselves.

Health & Wellness

5 ways to help a sibling of a cancer patient feel important

There’s no way to consistently balance the attention you give to your children when one is facing cancer, but there are a few concrete ways to make sure their siblings feel important, even during such difficult times.

Mental Health

How to reclaim your identity after being a cancer caregiver

Here are some tips that may help you during this transition time.

Children's Health

Cancer parents look back on what they didn’t know

Every parent of a child fighting cancer has a different story. But one thing we hear over and over when talking to cancer families is this: “I hardly knew anything about childhood cancer before it happened to my child.” 

Motherly Stories

A letter to new cancer moms

Sweet friend, I wish I could promise you that your child is going to survive this. That you are all going to come out of this undamaged. But, I can't promise you any of those things. What I can promise you? You WILL have support. 


How to talk to kids about cancer treatment at any age

This story originally appeared on Children’s Cancer Research Fund. When communicating with your…


What to say (and what not to say) to a family facing cancer

Two moms, both with sons affected by childhood cancer, offer up some words that lifted them up during their experiences, and tell us which comments would have been better left unsaid.