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Kristin Niemi

Bumps in the road of life originally brought Kristin Niemi to yoga, and yoga has continued to be a positive constant when ups and downs have happened over the past 9 years. A new mommy to 11-month-old baby Levi, she has found that the optimism, breath work, focus, and stamina she's gained from yoga has allowed for strong positivity and patience through pregnancy, birth, and now through sleepless nights! Amidst her busy schedule as a full-time mom, with a full-time job, and teaching yoga part-time as a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, she finds time whenever she can, wherever she is, to practice yoga and bring Levi into the practice that has been so important in her life. Her Instagram profile @studioartyoga focuses on yoga with her #yogababy, and finding positivity in this crazy thing called life!

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