Kristyn Hodgdon

Kristyn Hodgdon is the Founder of The Fertility Tribe, an online community that is redefining the conversation surrounding all things fertility, from trying to conceive and infertility to pregnancy and postpartum mental health. She lives in Island Park, NY with her husband Dan and their 17-month-old twins Brooke & Charlie, who were conceived via IVF. Kristyn believes that the more we talk about our experiences, the less isolating they become. That's why Fertility Tribe's mission statement is, "Redefining Fertility Together," because, honestly, who can get through it alone?! Follow @thefertilitytribe on Instagram to join the conversation!

Getting Pregnant

I’m not done having kids—and I think about my frozen embryos every day

I have two beautiful, healthy babies after infertility and I think about my nine remaining frozen embryos every single day.


If your fertility treatments have been canceled due to coronavirus—I see you

All you can do is what is within your control right now. It's all any of us can do. But that doesn't make it any easier, I know.