Lindy Sood

Lindy Sood is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a mama on a mission to spread love, teach mindfulness, and guide our children to a better tomorrow. Co-Founder of Love Powered Co., Lindy's passion for personal growth and spiritual health reaches back to her own childhood and is now being extended into her business. Currently living in the Greater Toronto Area, you can find Lindy working on her business, mommy-ing, running, yoga-ing, writing, green-juicing or networking with beautiful, inspiring women who fuel the soul. You can follow Lindy's journey on Instagram @lindysood @lovepoweredco


The moment I realized my kids had been listening all along

He said to me the words I say to him in the moments when HE needs to hear it the most. It felt serendipitous, yet completely logical, and I immediately started to feel better. The clouds began to lift. And I realized that he has been listening (whether it be subconsciously or consciously or BOTH), the whole time.