Liuba Grechen Shirley

Liuba Grechen Shirley ran for Congress in 2018 with two toddlers and no salary to pay for childcare, and she quickly realized that our political system was not built for moms. Liuba made history when she petitioned the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and she became the first woman to ever receive federal approval to spend Campaign Funds for Childcare. After her campaign, Liuba launched Vote Mama—a comprehensive platform to build the political power of moms that includes Vote Mama PAC, Vote Mama Foundation, and the Vote Mama Lobby. Instagram: @liubagrechenshirley & @votemamalobby Twitter: @liuba4congress

Motherly Stories

Too many politicians don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant or miscarry

Our nation’s policies have failed women and children for generations. My own miscarriage made that fact all too clear.