Nicha Cumberbatch, MS, PA-C

Nicha Cumberbatch, Director, Maternal Health Curriculum at Spora Health, is passionate about finding solutions for the crisis facing Black maternal mortality and believes education is vital in helping Black women achieve equal care before, during and after pregnancy. Nicha is a certified Physician Assistant, a birth advocacy educator, and a doula advocate mentor. Nicha, as part of a Doctorate in Medical Science completion project, is currently conducting a study to investigate the impact that childbirth education classes have on black birthing women.

Birth Stories

What Black mothers-to-be need to know before giving birth

I was confident in my ability to have the birth experience that I wanted. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up being the case. Now, I hope other Black mothers-to-be can learn from my experience and how to prepare themselves for all possible birthing scenarios.