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Risa Klein, CNM, OB/GYN N.P.

My passion is to inspire, educate, protect, and guide women during their pregnancy, labor, birth, and post partum periods through my midwifery practice. I believe with all my heart that bringing a child into the world is a sacred and life changing event. I pledge to do everything possible to assist women in having the unique and personal birth experience that they envision and deserve. I provide midwifery care throughout our time together that will ground women and preserve their heart felt desires while answering and addressing all of their important questions.The birth of my daughter Dariana in 1989 was just about the greatest experience of my life. Birth taught me compassion, confidence, and selflessness. Ultimately I would redefine myself and discover my calling to become a midwife. If I can help facilitate empowerment in the natural birthing process for women and their families as I did for myself and own family, then I know I have given you excellent healthcare while safely bringing your baby into the world.When you choose a health care provider to receive your child at birth you are making an investment. You are making a safe investment in your newborn's entire life by choosing to work with me—a patient, confident, highly skilled and experienced midwife.

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